Buy PSP Comics Through PS3 Starting Next Week

Andriasang: Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced today that starting March 30 (Wednesday), PlayStation 3 owners will be able to use their console to purchase and download comics from PlayStation Store. The comics can still only be viewed on the PSP.

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newn4gguy2701d ago

And you can only view them on PSP still?!?

This is one of the biggest missed opportunities in the PS3's lifecycle. -_-

Corrwin2701d ago

I'm not sure reading a comic on a larger TV screen would be worth while. It's bad enough browsing the web on one.

Not to mention the images in the comics would have to be much larger to keep its fidelity.

Nice idea though. I'm happy enough reading on the PSP, and buying on the PS3 means I don't have to shop separately on two different platforms.

newn4gguy2701d ago

That's true. I mean, they're formatted for the PSP anyway.

I just want comics on my PS3.

I read comics online all the time, on my PC.

I use the same monitor to play my PS3. They'd be great!

maniac762701d ago

god,if these were viewable on ps3 id sure be buying them,theyd look good on a 40+ screen