Why PS3 is Better than Xbox 360

The Sony PS3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360 are the two heavyweights in the video game console market and they both have a lot to offer. But if Buzzle had to pick one amongst the two, the PS3 would definitely get a thumbs up.

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RedDead2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Please GTFO with a headline like this.

After reading the article, I completely agree wih the points mentioned, but it's still flamebait GTFO

fr0sty2019d ago

*waits for obligatory "why 360 is better than PS3" article to follow in 3...2....1....*

I personally think the opinion article should be removed as a submission type.

Nitrowolf22019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

honestly, i think this is to try and counter that article about "5 reasons why you shouldn't buy a PS3" a day or two ago.
It always happens, always works to for the sites on getting hits.
See one opinion article that reaches high degree, then expect another one to be the exact opposite show up later.
Its been like this forever. Yes i think they should be to, most do nothing but flaimbait.
but then again they are opinions (the title) so expect someone else with a different opinion to get angry.

Like i said these type of article just fuel fanboys and cause flaming.

Pixel_Pusher2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

PS3 users remember to clear the dust from the vents of your PS3 at least twice a month. You should use a compressed air canister to do this and not a vacuum cleaner as the static electricity buildup could fry your PS3's motherboard.

Also let it cool down for an hour or so before shutting it down especially if you've been gaming on it for a couple of hours. If you shut it down before then the fans won't be able to properly cool down the CPU/GPU which could eventually lead to YLOD.

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Agent VX2019d ago

OMG... What an immature article... and this gets approved??? I wasted 1.07 minutes of my life reading this crap when I can read the exact same crap on the "Comments" sections of N4G???

Hey, I like my PS3, and I like my 360, but this is nothing but goofy silly fanboys crap, and is pathetic. Really people, get a life...

MaxXAttaxX2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

the larger variaty and quality of games and how exclusive games are actually REAL exclusive games.

* Now let's wait for that "Xbox 360 is better" article which will more than likely be misinformed and believe that multiplatform games are proof of its powah, LOL

This article was better
It wasn't so flamebait-ish.

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ShinMaster2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

(1) Maybe you should research Blu-ray sales.
DVD is cheaper for a reason and Blockbuster is going down because not many people rent movies in general anymore.
Nothing you can say will justify your DVD over Blu-ray. And all else about LCD tvs have nothing to with the PS3.

(2) Still happened even after the new chips. The new Slims are actually good when it comes to not RRODing.

(3) Uhh ok.

(4) Dude, the PS3 sells faster yearly, period. Like 6 million more within the same amount of time since its launch.
"Graphics and game play belong to the 360 exclusively"???
LOLWUT? GTFO please.

Oh and explain this:
"If your hard core, you have to have a 360 or why even bother"
You're seriously a noob, aren't you!

(5) No. Online gameplay is still entirely FREE. PS Plus is an optional service, but you don't "pay to play".

And what does PSN being free have to do with the Crysis 2 multiplayer beta?
So what happens if I mention Gears of War? Couldn't that be considered proof that XBL is a waste of money?
Yeah, exactly.

(6) Why would he want to talk about Kinect?
You people here defend it to the death only because its an Xbox 360-exclusive device, when in reality the majority of people that actually buy these are don't hang out here. They're the mainstream/casual audience. Just look at the games.

The_Ultimate_Guy2019d ago

Because if you truly like playing games, then you would have the best of both worlds and not just the best of 1 world.

That is "hardcore".

You're only a half ass gamer is you only game on half the HD consoles.

ShinMaster2019d ago

Nope. Having both has nothing to do with how "hardcore" you think you are.

Soldierone2019d ago

Xbox users, remember to not touch your launch console Xbox 360's. Playing them normally in any way can cause a Red Ring of Death. We have known about this fault before we even released the console, but we needed a sales boost.

/sarcastic reply to fanboy above

gaden_malak2019d ago

"PS3 users remember to clear the dust from the vents of your PS3 at least twice a month. You should use a compressed air canister to do this and not a vacuum cleaner as the static electricity buildup could fry your PS3's motherboard.

Also let it cool down for an hour or so before shutting it down especially if you've been gaming on it for a couple of hours. If you shut it down before then the fans won't be able to properly cool down the CPU/GPU which could eventually lead to YLOD."

I have 2 PS3s and never had to do any of that. One is three years old and the other is a year old. Both run fine.

EcliPS32019d ago

@soldier one
Its funny you say that. My launch PS3 died before my launch 360 and I used it about 1/8 the time. That was back in the day when there was nothing decent to play

jadenkorri2019d ago

man when will this crap ever stop, its so annoying, let the 360 fanboys have their way and downplay the ps3 all they want, someone has to take the first step to stop the craziness.

MaxXAttaxX2019d ago

I play mine a lot. Which keeps the fans working, helping the PS3 vent out.

If you do the same with 360 it will overheat.

kikizoo2018d ago

The problem with all the propaganda, and fanboys lies is people can't separate facts, like this title, and opinion or lies, like the ridiculous "why you should'nt buy ..."

It's a problem when you are lying, when you are giving bad advices to customers, but when you are talking about real things, real advantages, etc it's information, and only dumb people/fanboys transform that into flamebait.

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Silver3602019d ago

This is BS it means nothing to hardcore and casuals buys for other reasons.

upturned22019d ago


ps3 ftw though lol

malamdra2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

it sounds stupid on the title but the points mentioned are exactly right:

-quality of games
-quantity of games
-better graphics
-free online
-more reliable hardware
-blu ray player

this is not rocket science, the PS3 is clearly superior

rjgbyrne2019d ago

-Just as good selection of quality games
-I thinkt he Xbox has a much larger catalogue by long shot
-Debatable if Graphic sare better, Video footage is Blu ray quality but rendered graphic... on par and bettered in multiplat
-I have both, but think Live is miles ahead of anything, including online PC gaming.
-My Xbox and PS3 work fine, I feel safer witht he 3 year warranty MS offer over the 1 year Sony does.
-I use my PS3 for blu-rays and the few exclsuives if don't play on Xbox. This is not a win mate, its insulting to Sony actually.

Its not rocket science, its fact mate. Both are really on par with each other but the Blu ray video being the only advantage. Yet even know after being out so long PS3 sturggles to do better than Xbox is the multiplatform arena, surely superior hardware should perform better!?! I expect PS3 to, but fact is you cannot blame multiplatform developers for getting the most THEY CAN from each machine. As much as I hate this fanboy rubbish I hate it even more when fanboys like you spout of uneducated, ill founded rubbish to try make themselves feel better. Be a real gamer and enjoy the games. I still think my DS is more playable, ha!

MorningStar2019d ago

Quality? Laughable the games are bigger because it does not support DirectX as Microsoft wanted more than Sony could afford. Which is the reason why games HAVE to be installed otherwise that terrible laser would burn out quicker than you could finish the games.

Quantity? There are more Xbox 360 games than PS3. Most games are created for the Xbox 360 then ported to PS3.

Better graphics? You are kidding right? Graphics still look better on an Xbox 360 than PS3. Better resolution as well. More games on Xbox 360 have 1080p support than PS3.

Free online? Yeah sure its FREE meaning you get what you PAID for. Xbox Live is a quality service with a quality MATCHMAKING system while Sony's PSN fails constantly. Oh whats that cross game chat? Yeah we have had that for a long time. Not just that but we also have party chat where more than 2 people can talk. Sony can't get 2 people talking yet.

Reliable hardware? You really need to look into the facts. PS3 has a higher drive fail rate due to them using poor quality materials. Also they have the YLOD which is nearly as bad as the RROD except that Microsoft repair your Xbox 360 for free unlike Sony who charge you for it.

Can't deny you on the Blu-Ray part it is a nice feature of the PS3. However it is nesseceary as like I stated before the PS3 cannot nativly play games it needs to install them to the HDD.

Lets talk about that Sony have sold PS3s with the smallest hard drive being 20gb when they know for a fact that games have to be installed to it. What does that tell you? That they are cutting corners as you would then later on have to go out and buy a new hard drive. People say Sony are great for allowing any 2.5 HDD to be used. There is a REASON for that.

Oh also another reason why PS3 has Blu-Ray is because it came out 2 years after Xbox 360. Microsoft had the choice to put HD-DVD drives into the Xbox 360 however they wanted to meet the Christmas demand and decided to go with DVD. If they waited 3 months they would have had HD-DVD inside the Xbox 360 native instead of an addon.


Lets point out some things that Xbox 360 has OVER PS3.

- Better controller - This is a fact. Sony tried to create a next gen controller but it was quickly canceled shortly before release because it was hated buy consumers.

- Better online connectivity - Xbox Live that is all that needs to be said.

> Better navigation - Have you tried being in a game and getting a few messages from somebody on PSN? You have to load up the XMB (which is slow) then go to friends - > messages - > inbox -> read message - > O to go back -> repeat from friends tab. On Xbox 360 press the guide button -> Friends -> message - > B to go back -> next message. Very simple and quick. The whole XMB as a in game dash is terrible. 90% of the features you cannot use and it is laggy for the 10% it does allow you to use.

> Free headset / cheap quality headsets - Yeah not every Xbox 360 gets a free headset but you can get them really cheap and they work. Bluetooth is a terrible headset for gaming. The Xbox 360 wired headsets are perfect for gaming. Play the same multiplayer game on both formats and see which game has more people talking in.

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SentryXI2019d ago

@MorningStar It must be nice living in your own reality

adonchris2019d ago

ok i believe so to that this article is just a crap.
but...until the last time i checked 9 to 10 of multiplatform versions were better on 360.
free online but with full of problems and after all u still pay for ps+. u will say that ps+ doesn,t matter, but personally i believe that is a cheap method to make money.
... the full pack of an 360 contains all the console cables (hdmi-component-rca-scart) headset and a quaranty of 3 years, and ps3 pack only an rca cable and 1 year guaranty.
and after all whats the hole hipe about ps3's exclusives? i mean infamous uncharted 1 and demon souls are very bad games, and lbp series just good...maybe very good but not so good as an exclusive must be. (there is aout there a mario galaxy and donkey kong u know).

Soldierone2019d ago

LOL @ 360 fanboys that cant even find logical standing grounds to defend their fanboy rage attacks.

Come on guys...morningStar dont bother since you already failed epicly, it made me laugh.

However thats why these opinion peices should stay on N4G. They start pretty amuzing comment wars.

gaden_malak2019d ago

"Its not rocket science, its fact mate."

It's opinion moron.

malandra2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )


it really seems like you don't know what you're talking about

-when you write that the PS3 came out 2 years after 360 and that's why it has blu ray that automatically makes anything else you write irrelevant, PS3 was released a year after the 360 and blu ray was developed by Sony, you're saying that if MS had had a year more they would have developed a blu ray-like media and included it on the 360? fanboy please

-better graphics, quality and quantity of games refers to full retail exclusives, graphical difference on multiplats are very minor and hard to notice unless you have a 56 inch TV (except on a couple of cases like Bayonetta, the rest are pretty much identical)

-it is well documented that the PS3 failure rate is around 15% and 360 has reached 50% on some models

-the actual online play is identical on both consoles, on LIVE you're paying for online but you only get extra features that you don't get on the PS3, this is like saying a DVD with movie and extras for 30 dollars is a better deal than a free one with just the movie, most people just care about the movie

-the controller is a matter of opinion but I find the 360 too heavy and cumbersone, also the bumpers buttons are unreliable

kikizoo2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Delusional/denial land :

" Graphics and game play belong to the 360 exclusively. It's why the system continues to out sell the PS3 even as recently as February"

"-Just as good selection of quality games
-I thinkt he Xbox has a much larger catalogue by long shot
-Debatable if Graphic sare better, Video footage is Blu ray quality but rendered graphic... on par and bettered in multiplat"

"Quantity? There are more Xbox 360 games than PS3. Most games are created for the Xbox 360 then ported to PS3.

Better graphics? You are kidding right? Graphics still look better on an Xbox 360 than PS3. Better resolution as well. More games on Xbox 360 have 1080p support than PS3. "

LOL, are you real guys, living in the opposite world of dreamland, or just ms eemployees paid to lie ? it's ridiculous to lies about thing every can check : more 1080 game ? ps3, better graphics ? every single dev, gamers and journalist knows uncharted, gow, killzone, etc, more games ? lol, multi are for both, and ps3 have more exclusives each years, so stop lying to yourself (and yes, even with kinect last years, ps3 sold 2 millions more than xbox)

Oh, ok i see, more than 10 new troll liars multi account here (like the one jumping on every crysis 2 articles :)) sad.

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Redlogic2019d ago

Seriously, where do people find these articles?? I mean I use my ps3 way more than my 360 but I didn't like that article at all. It just seems like a list of talking points for a ps3 fanboi.

Bebedora2019d ago

"Seriously, where do people find these articles??"

Sounded sincere and amusing at that!

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farhad2k82019d ago

Many reasons.
PS3 is simply a better machine, 360 has a bigger audience due to the US. In any other country, the PS3 dominates.

P.s. the title is flamebait material! WTF?

Jazz41082019d ago

This is purely an opinion piece and does not belong on gaming news. I own both machines and yes I like one better but that does not mean it belongs on the front page of n4g. This is why this site n4g has issues because these pieces of trash articles bring out the trolls in a lot of neutral gamers and they or nothinh but opinion as both machines are weel off and doing well and have strengths and weaknesses.

Blaze9292019d ago

Always bloodmask submitting this shit....

Redlogic2018d ago

We all know Bloodmask hates Ps3 fans, so he submits this garbage article to feed the "stereotype" that ps3 games are the worst fanboys.

Christopher2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

You would think that people would have gotten sick and tired of making titles like this by now.

***The Xbox 360 is also known to create an annoyingly loud noise when it is used for long hours, and this along with its overheating problem makes it quite unstable. The PS3 has no such issues that are anything but ordinary.***

Don't know about PS3 Slims, but I do know that older models do have a increased chance of YLOD due to heat. Had one of my 80GBs bit the dust and I didn't overuse it. It's not as bad as early day RROD, but it's much higher than the 2% desired failure rate that hardware manufacturers look for.

***The graphics of the PS3 are far better than the Xbox 360***

Highly subjective and I think it has a ton more to do with the developers behind the wheel. I firmly believe that if developers like Naughty Dog were developing for just the 360 we would be seeing some of the most remarkable games out there on said platform.

What I would say is that there's no way you could claim that the PS3 is not just as good at graphics as the 360, though it does take more work to usually get it to a level where it shines compared to the 360.

kikizoo2018d ago

It's not subjective, it's a fact, and your thought about naughty dog on 360 are just assumptions (bad ones, since the cpu and driver for texture streaming can't handle that kind of games)

TheLastGuardian2019d ago TrollingShow
BubbleSniper2019d ago

"What Makes PS3 Better than Xbox 360?"
that could be better title but N4G don't allow question mark or exclamation !!! lol

that understandable tho

TheLastGuardian2019d ago

Come on. I got marked as trolling for saying What's an Xbox 360? It was a fucking joke. If you guys don't want trolling on your website why don't you take down this article. N4G thrives on flame bait and trolls. We should get bubbled up for successful trolling.

Redlogic2018d ago


Whats a jeeber?

(Pineapple Express Rules!!)

shuuwai2019d ago

this is article is sooooo "2008"

next weeks article

"how move is better than kinects"

and after that ...

"why xbox live is better than psn"

and etc ...

this is so lame.

Otheros002019d ago

We already have all of those articles. If you want to read them use the search button.

damnyouretall2019d ago

i own both consoles and im happier than a pig in shit

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renegade2019d ago

Article #100 about "why this game console is better than this game console" ARHH .

Prcko2019d ago

best console evah!!!!

yen8882019d ago

OMG its such a pointless argument, one console is better at some things while the other is better at something else

Just_The_Truth2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

in terms of software, games and online it is constantly swapping but in terms of hardware the ps3 is future proof bluray alone extends it's life greatly due to size and if Ms is too prideful to ask for bluray then they're finished nextgen

palaeomerus2019d ago

Yeah it's so future proof it's way behind three year old PC's. Good one. Consoles are NEVER future proof. For most of their cycle consoles are the budget option.

Soldierone2019d ago

Really your using PC as future proof? You can go buy a top of the line PC right this very second and it will be dated by April next year. Thats so future proof.....

Meanwhile PS3 will be getting better and still be on the market for the next 3 years minimum.

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