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The Newb Review: Bioware have done it again and created a fantastic world and story to delve into and combined it with fast paced action that will keep a Red Bull fuelled ADHD kid happy. Dragon Age 2 takes the core role-playing elements from its predecessor Dragon Age: Origins and it’s add on, Dragon Age Awakening, and re-masters them into a more flexible model.

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sikker442536d ago

gettin it for pc, does not seem bad, needs some work, but its too good to pass up.

Xof2536d ago

I haven't seen "newb" in years.

Come to think of it, "noob" has been gone a long time, too. To say nothing of "n00b." Come to think of it, l33t-speak in general seems to be dead.

Is this something to be praised--have gamers finally found clarity of expression--or feared? Is the death of l33t emblematic of the widening of gaming to the mainstream, the slow demise and decay of what was once the heartland of geekdom?

madara0sama2535d ago

I can't stop playing this game. It's awesome. 8.5/10 for me.