Capcom Is Gonna Take You For A Ride With DLC

Want Shuma Gorath and Jill Valentine in your Marvel VS Capcom 3 roster and didn’t get the special edition? Prepare to shell out 5 bucks a character because Capcom has decided to monetize unlockable characters in a fighting game, which is probably the most ridiculous thing they’ve done this generation. The sad thing is they can get away with stuff like this because the fans just never learn.

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GodsHand2500d ago

Yeah, I was pretty surprised at the cost for one character. I will vote on this not being acceptable pricing structure, buy not buying said DLC.

Yi-Long2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

... which is a huge reason why I haven't bought this game.

The people who knew about the DLC-milking, and still went out and bought it, really have no right to complain about it right now.

Just don't support companies who DLC-scam us, and maybe 1 day they'll learn. But sadly there are too many idiots out there who are more to happy to waste their money to support this kinda DLC-milking.

Just wait on a complete edition to come out in a year orso.

dorron2500d ago

I'm not buying this game till a Ultimate Edition gets released or it is near the 20€ price tag, then decide if it is worth buying the DLC characters.

kingdavid2500d ago

In agreeance with dorron here.

BabyTownFrolics2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

wow, talk about naivete


Vherostar2500d ago

They need to make the money up somehow as its sold very poorly compared to what they expected.

BlackTar1872500d ago

ROFL thats all i have to say.

so if it sold more you think this DLC would be cheaper LOL

RockmanII72500d ago

I didn't know 750,000+ units in 2 weeks was poor.

Blasphemy2500d ago

@ Vherostar Maybe if they wouldn't have left characters off the roster it would have sold more?

NiKK_4192500d ago

or if capcom didn't do this everytime they release a game, maybe it would have sold more, it's a known fact that capcom always does this

Rampaged Death2500d ago

I'm totally against this. It's a damn fighting game for goodness sake and your expecting people to pay for more characters ? No way in hell Capcom !!

ceedubya92500d ago

Well, they either do it this way, wait and release a "Super" edition, or just save all of the new characters and additions for a Marvel vs Capcom 4. Either way, someone will be complaining about whichever method they use.

Vherostar2500d ago

This is the curse of DLC it was supposed to be a great thing but just like everything else developers abuse it.

BlackTar1872500d ago

i don't mind paying for DLC character if its 3-4 for $5 still expensive but 1 character for 5 is fricken ridiculous

BubbleSniper2500d ago

yeh they takin the consumer for a ride with these price

driving ms. daisy in.

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The story is too old to be commented.