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Why you shouldn't trust early Metacritic scores

Have you ever been so excited about a new game coming out that you just have to see if any early reviews for the game have been listed on Metacritic? Don't. You might be setting yourself up to get played. (Homefront, Industry, Metacritic, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Dylantalon1  +   1602d ago
why you shouldnt trust meta critic ever.

metacritic pick and choose who's review they want to use on their site which differs by the game so they can make a game seem like its more critically acclaimed if they so choose.

the whole reviewing system by a lot of sites are broken. some people will complain about too much variety, some will complain about there not being enough things. some will deduct points if a game as a minor qwip when a game loads but totally ignore insane lag and slowdowns that totally affects the game. the only review i trust is my review because most reviewers are fanboys. i remember ign , gamespot and a few other sites useto talk about best graphics and even write multiple articles about it in 2006 and 2007 but in this day and age, they stop doing it. i wonder why
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LOGICWINS  +   1602d ago
"some people will complain about too much variety, some will complain about there not being enough things. some will deduct points if a game as a minor qwip when a game loads but totally ignore insane lag and slowdowns that totally affects the game."

Now, this might sound quite crazy...but maybe things like this happen because people have things called OPINIONS and PREFERENCES. A minor grip for one person can be a huge grip for another and vice versa.

Also, u need to remember that the people who review games are HUMAN, just like you and me. Anything from being in a bad mood to being tired of a certain genre can affect a review(and review score).
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Rageanitus  +   1602d ago
just look at how killzone and gt were graded....

its funny how points are deducted from kz cuz of story.... and then you look at gt where it was deducted because it had bad models and the feel incompletness YET it still offered 10 times more content vs other games.
Rageanitus  +   1602d ago
Because alot of media scores are driven by money and fanboyism
SybaRat  +   1602d ago
...or ANY MetaCritic score, ever.
Aither  +   1602d ago
Best post on this board. Agreed 100%.
TheRealist2102  +   1602d ago
I don't trust any review score from any site let alone metacritic.
oneangle  +   1602d ago
I try to stay away from those 10/10 or 9/10 reviews. Prefer not to trust reviewers hyping a game and putting it on a pedestal while ignoring any flaws. I'd rather see heavy scrutiny and harsh review scores rather than these so-called perfect scores that I've seen too much of over the past couple years.

And yes, all games have flaws. You just gotta figure out which flaws bother you while playing a game.
gcolley  +   1602d ago
who the hell is dumb enough to go by scores anyway. this is why there are words to read. ignore the score
Tilian  +   1602d ago
I don't trust Metacritic period. It's a SECONDARY review system. That is, they review the reviewers:

It recalculates many reviews arbitrarily such as letters to numbers (1up) and 5-scale to 10-scale systems (a 4/5 is NOT the same as an 8/10).

And then they pick and choose who to exclude (like G4) and they actually weight different websites more than others.

In a nutshell, the system is completely fucked.
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P_Bomb  +   1602d ago
There's definitely chinks in their armor. Their letter to number convergence is counter-intuitive to how letter grades are used in the real world ie. schools (if a C+ was a 58 in real life I probably wouldn't have gotten into college, lol). They include and omit sites for criteria only they know. Why are the Examiner and G4 no longer on there while underground fly-by-night google-translate sites are? Is some 17 year old blogger in Germany more credible than Adam Sessler?

Then there's the multiplat' separation. Dead Space 2 runs the same across platforms and actually comes with an a extra free game on the PS3, but only the PS3 version got AV Club's meta' lowering score. You get skewed ideas of which version is actually better. Consider that for a while the 360 version of FF13 had a higher meta' than the PS3 version, and Black Ops is currently higher on the PS3.
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Tilian  +   1601d ago
Good point. I've noticed that too. They have a completely disorganized system when it comes to dealing with multi-plats.

Sessler once made a joke on Feedback about Metacritic that kinda explained why G4 isn't included anymore (apparently he exchanged emails with them). But I forget why this is.
gypsygib  +   1602d ago
I know you shouldn't trust early user reviews. Some loser fanboys go around giving the other system's exclusives very low scores.

There's a guy in N4G that does that on metacritic, his name is YodaCracker (or something like that) - he has like 4 reviews: Halo Reach 10/10, LBP2 0/10, KZ3 3/10 and I can't remember the last one.

Fanboys come out early on metacritic so beware.
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