Universal Studios goes beyond HD-DVD

Today, Universal Studios Home Entertainment raised the bar on HD DVD's unique web-enabled experiences by unveiling an Internet infrastructure that allows it to take advantage of the guaranteed Internet connection in every HD DVD player and deliver compelling, title specific features. Heroes: Season 1 on HD DVD was the first title to take advantage of web-enabled capabilities, but with the forthcoming availability of Evan Almighty on HD DVD, Universal is setting the stage for new home entertainment experiences with web-enabled features such as the Download Center, U-Shop, and much more. Taking advantage of the infinite possibilities of web-enabled experiences, Universal is utilizing HD DVD to explore the promise of digitally distributed scenarios and infusing movie content with e-commerce and social media capabilities.

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sak5004065d ago

So the HD DVD was dead??

marinelife94065d ago

I just want to watch the movie and then go do something else. I don't even watch the extra content that's on DVD's now. Let alone do I buy the T-shirt.

nasim4065d ago

It is all over for HD DVD

panasonic,mitsubishi and almost all other jap maufacturers have already dropped support for HD DVD

BD outsells HD DVD 9:1 in JAPAN and 4:1 in EU

2:1 in NA

BTW big BD guns like SPIDEY 1,2,3 and PIRATES 3 are due this FALL

along with mega-hit BD exclusive movies.

is there any doubt that HD DVD wont be dead/is not dead

cuco334065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

According to the BDA, Sony and all Sony fanboys, HD DVD has died 5 times by now. :rollseyes:

Let's see about them Panasonic branded BD players... They aren't moving them and are now packing 2-4 movies in the box (for a total of 7-9 free BD movies, not a bad deal) with every Pani BD player. They preached HD DVD would die soon enough by Jan 1. Pani needs to stick to TVs. They are getting desperate to move their players.
Samsung cancelled their latest due-to-be released BD stand alone. They also are making a dual format player (mind you Sami is on the BDA board :rollseyes:). Likewise LG is doing the same with dual format players. side note: both sami and lg BD players are having issues not playing some BD movies and BD1.1 hasn't even been released! Is this what trolls mean by 'superior format'?

Again with nasim's stupid made up numbers. It's 1.5:1 in NA and that's with studios making less profit on BD than HD DVD. 9:1 in JAP, a market that HD DVD isn't fully focusing on and makes up a little over 5% of overall worldwide HDM sales. EU you can thank the PS3 for that advantage, sucks that it's diminishing too don't it ;) but like I've said in the past what do you care what format is doing in JAP or EU if those disks can't play on NA BD players (dependent on studio's desire to have region coding)? At least for the HD DVD fans we CAN buy HD DVDs from JAP or EU regions and play them in our NA players without any issue. side note: a region can do whatever they want, you should ONLY concentrate on the region you are in because that is all that matters for BD, sadly for you blu boys that doesn't correlate with the HD DVD boys as mentioned, we CAN play outside disks in our players. again, where's the superior format?

nasim, you seriously have to stop copying and pasting your FUD. you can be excited about POTC or Spiderman in BD all you want. Just stop acting like a tool doing so. Embrace both formats... Both are coming out with blockbuster hits. BD is in shambles right now with how they are doing things. Many CE companies and studios are NOT happy with BD so expect things to change after XMAS07 if BD doesn't show a massive improvement in sales (and not a spike or two the weeks a hit is released)

To be on topic: not everyone enjoys the interactive features but want to know something? BOTH FORMATS ARE GOING FOR THIS!!!! So for all the bluboys saying this is useless (mainly because it's on HD DVD now, you know... finalized spec and all) is doing so as a fanboy since BDA is expected to do the same when BD2.0 aka BD-Live comes out which... won't be for a long long time (BD1.1's deadline has been delayed already to 10/31/07). I'm personally not one to go through all my HDM's features but for those movies I absolutely love I will. This is what HDM is about, interactive features built into high definition entertainment.

Bloodmask4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

It seems that HD-DVD is the way to go for truly unique interactive online features. And with internet connection available on every HD-DVD players all consumers with internet access can enjoy these enhancements.

Lumbo4065d ago

obviously you confuse having an ethernet port with having Internet access.

close to no one hooks up their DVD players to the internet with a freaking lan cable straight through the living room.

Bloodmask4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

I know you are just a PS3 fanboy who tries to insult everyones intelligence. Yes I do know the "difference" bw an ethernet port. The connection for the Cat5 cable. And an internet connection. Which could even be dial up and not even use Ethernet cable.

And how do you know how many people use cable or wireless connection for their DVD player. Or how many will access the net at all. Have you conducted a worlwide survey??

WilliamRLBaker4065d ago

do you actually think bloodmask, that the common user even knows an hd dvd player has ethernet? oh the movie buffs and the tech heads do but the common user does not.

I dont believe there is single DVD player that has one, and HD DVD players have them now, so no common user even knows it exists, If blu ray had it no one would know either so its not about bluray vs hddvd, its just a simple fact and logic that a common user isn't gonna know about or use an advanced option like net connectivity.

weekapaugh4065d ago

I'll take a dead media format grasping at straws for $300 Alex.

Keyser4065d ago

This is not necessary or something I ever wanted to do before, during, or after I watch a movie.

This = who cares.

wangdiddy824065d ago

who the hell cares about going online while you watch a freaking movie???? Thats what your computer is for.. I really dont even care about the extra's..

All i care about is

1st thing = good movie
2nd thing = clear a$$ picture
3rd thing = great sound

Rooftrellen4065d ago

I actually agree than when I watch a movie, all I care about is the movie.

But ever since the birth of DVD, there has been all those little bonus features that I have to pick to play the movie out of them to watch the movie.

Extra features really mean something to a lot of people, even if they don't to us.

blusoops4065d ago

If i'm gonna watch a movie...I'm going to sit there and WATCH it...not play games and interact w/the web! Plus not everyone is connected to the web as hard as that is to believe. Most people just want a good movie VIEWING experience!

drewdrakes4065d ago

I buy a console for games, not movies. It seems a lot of things are being pushed. I also dont use consoles for web browsing. Stop including useless features!

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