Why Top Spin 4 Is Disappointing With The PlayStation Move But Ace With The DualShock 3

PushSquare: "Sports Champions just doesn't get enough credit. Its art-style might be as flat as a pancake, but some of the package's included mini-games come closer to the true simulation of sport than franchise's that have been iterated upon for years. The reason behind its success is the PlayStation Move, which is a wildly responsive unit when used in the right regard. It may have been a launch-title for Sony's motion unit, but Sports Champions will probably always set the target level for most motion controlled games. It really is that good."

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FailOverHero2790d ago

Isn't this the game that everybody made a big stink about when it was announced that Kinect was not supported?
Turns out they don't do motion controls very well anyway.

Joni-Ice2790d ago

I never liked Top Spin. Im waiting for Virtua Tennis.