PS4 tennis games that could be a smash hit

Speculative feature: "Find out which videogames are coming to PS4, which ones are already available, and which ones are the most likely to make it to Sony's console."

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rocketpanda657d ago

Although it's very niche compared to other sports games, I would love for a new top spin or grand slam title.

MRMagoo123657d ago

I loved smash court tennis 1 on ps1 and smash court tennis 2 on ps2 I'd appreciate a new one also 😊

rocketpanda657d ago

I agree. Had smash court 2 on the ps2 as well. Super fun game.

freshslicepizza657d ago

top spin, virtua tennis and mario tennis are the only ones i enjoyed

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philm87657d ago

Would love a tennis game on PS4. EA should give it another go, I'm sure they can think of some way to get Ultimate Team into the game! Graphics could look great on the latest generation though. Needs some solid multiplayer content as that's where tennis games are at their best.