Kotaku - Hands On With Resistance 3 Single and Multiplayer

It starts as a breeze.

It's almost lost amidst the clutter of a minutely detailed junk yard, the armed conflict of man versus alien, the spectacle of a floating space ship in the distance.

The wind isn't really noticeable, not at first.

But as the fight progresses, as I help a "rag-tag" band of humans fight back the advances of an invading force in middle alternative-reality America the wind picks up.

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Dante1122817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Nice, I can't wait for the beta. Glad that they tone the number of players down in multiplayer. 64 players was way too much imo. Wish it was maybe 30 players instead but I can live with 16.

chidesd2817d ago

yeah with the player count was at least 24. 40 is to big though...
still cant wait prolly gonna be the best FPS on PS3 this year well maybe 2nd best depending on how battlefield 3 turns out

jarrod19812817d ago

I need to check out this series. I havent had my ps3 that long which is nice cause i can pick up exclusives that have been out awhile for pretty cheap. Is the single player pretty good in these games? Cause i need somthin to play right now while i wait for the games I know I want to be released. I've read the reviews but some feedback from real players would be nice.

Spitfire_Riggz2817d ago

Pick up Metal Gear Solid 4 for SURE. its only 9 dollars used and one of the best games ever. I even got addicted to the MP not too long ago. Great story nice length. You might have to wiki the games if you arent familiar with metal gear like me. Resistance 2 isnt bad either, you will notice the old graphics but its actually pretty fun. Big sometimes scary. fun weapons especially.

jarrod19812817d ago

MGS 4 was one of the first games I played For Ps3. Some of the gameplay sequences blew me away. The metal gear battle, split screen fight with raiden and the motorcyle scene were absoutely amazing.

Its funny cause I already did what you suggested. i looked up MG wiki to read up on the back story. Its pretty deep.

I got my ps3 as a gift with MW2 and I returned MW2 and got MGS4 and GOW collection for the same cost. seemed ike a good deal to me. +bubs for you man.