Understanding ownership - We Should Stand Against PS3 Hacking

When we buy a house on a plot of land, we don’t own the mineral rights even if we ‘own’ the land.

A local coal mine does not have to seek out the permission of the numerous owners of all the different columns of rock they are tunnelling through, nor can the ‘owner’ of the surface tunnel sell the coal or oil that might be there, unless they have a separate right to do so.

Even with the surface ownership, we cannot do what we like.

Almost all countries have some sort of building/planning control, and that is a good thing. Maybe it is annoying to us, but it also stops our neighbours doing things we might hate. In effect we have a licence to use the land a certain way from the country in which it sits, but we call it ‘ownership’.

Buying a PlayStation 3 (for example), also does not give me unrestricted ownership of it.

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Nineball21122733d ago

That's a good analogy about the land ownership.

I believe that we DO in fact own the hardware but we license and do NOT own the software.

GrieverSoul2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

The land ownership nailed it!
I have a house with lots of space. If I want to build a skyscrapper there, city hall wont let me! Why?! Its my land! I bought it!! This thing is, that land is mine but I cant do whatever I want with because there are rules. I signed those when I made the ownership deal.

Thats it! Im going to make a rap video, ask for donations and sue the government! That will show people! If I win, dont let the shadow of my skyscrapper blocking your house sun light bother you okay?! /s

shooterexpert2733d ago

Hackers do own the software though.

Hacked ps3s are running custom firmware no ?

Firmware made by the hackers not altered versions of sony software.

zag2733d ago

But the CFW is orginal firmware modded.

Also CFW will be using a copyrighted key of Sony's to sign it so it will work.

For it to be completely custom CFW would have to completely replace the whole OS and not use any of Sony's OS in any form.

So it can't play PS games it can't use the hyper-visor, in other words it can't work or look the same at all.

Because if it did then it'd be using pantents that Sony own for the PS OS.

So CFW isn't the hackers own OS at all.

MrBeatdown2733d ago

Custom firmware is just Sony's firmware with a few alterations, to my understanding. They don't start from scratch.

Makes me wonder why that in itself isn't considered piracy.

GrieverSoul2733d ago

You got it wrong as other members said.
OFW is Official FirmWare made by SONY. CFW is the Customized FirmWare made from the OFW.

I said many times in N4G that if hackers want to be good guys in this one, I want them to make a new OS for the PS3. One that would give benefits to the console. But no! They want emulators and run custom programs OVER SONY OS! SONY OS is an intelectual propperty. You buy a movie and the first thing it appears on screen after popping the disc is a copy disclaimer. You bought the product but are subject to conditions from the provider. I dont know whats so hard to understand about this.

Octo12733d ago

Good read but you'll still get these morons that will say it's stupid and one sided.

FantasyStar2733d ago

That went over my head. What is the analogy here?

Titanz2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Wii suffers the worst, yet we hardly see any articles concerning the topic.

PlayerX2733d ago

Because this is a Ps3 only site lol.

Biggest2733d ago

Because PS3 owners care more than Wii owners and 360 owners.

badz1492733d ago

when Wii hackers start stealing Nintendo's code and use it to run the Wii unmodded, then will the same issue be raised! but it's not only about the PS3 on here, there were numerous stories about R4 cards for the DS and banned 360 console in the past. it's just that this is recent and a lawsuit is currently taking place in court!

Mahr2733d ago

"when Wii hackers start stealing Nintendo's code and use it to run the Wii"

Modders have been using the Wii's encryption keys (literally the exact kind of keys geohot released) to sign custom Wii applications for *years*.

Sony even posted the Wii private keys on the internet when they put all their evidence against Hotz online. It was hilarious.

rockleex2733d ago

If that is true, then it basically shows that Nintendo either doesn't care enough about it... or doesn't think they can do anything about it in court.

Sony knows they can do something about it because its clearly against the law.

Even if winning the case doesn't stop PS3 hacking from escalating, it will at least allow Sony to then go after more hackers who are using Sony's copyrighted information without Sony's consent.

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