Interview: 5 Hit Points: Tanya Jessen (Bulletstorm)

Bitmob: When Lead Producer Tanya Jessen isn't racking up skillshots in the just-released shooter Bulletstorm, she's watching anime or taking in a little ballet. Or maybe she's watching anime about ballet? Whatever the case, she's got those two subjects down pat, as we learned in this latest edition of 5 Hit Points. Find out just how well Jessen performed -- and some interesting trivia about the voice actor of Bulletstorm protagonist Grayson Hunt -- inside.

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choadley2648d ago

How can you forget Space Jam?

MGRogue20172648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Tanya Jessen is so hot.. :P

I think I'd put her in the same league as Jade Raymond.. both of 'em are the most sexiest game producers in this industry, for sure.

Syaz12648d ago

she's hot, but i still prefer jade raymond though, not because of looks only, but because assassin's creed shows how far her ambition goes. tanya jensen seems more like the kind like of girl who likes to hang out with the boys, and from bulletstorm i think she's trying too hard.