KINECTaku Feature: Why Kinect Turns Xbox 360 into Dreamcast 2 (360 / Kinect)

It's been over ten years since Sega's beautiful white baby came into this world, kicking off a revolution still being felt today. Ahead of its time in many ways, Dreamcast ran against Sony's DVD-enabled PlayStation 2 and came off second best, signalling Sega's departure from the hardware market. The gamers at KINECTaku are finally starting to come to terms with the fact there will be no Dreamcast 2, and bizarrely it's Kinect helping them along by continuing the spirit of the console.

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Apocalypse Shadow2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

as a fan of the dreamcast,i would have to say that kinect is not turning the 360 into dreamcast 2.not even extends the life of 360 beyond 5 years.nothing more.sega is just diversifying by releasing something for kinect.

microsoft has made great strides in connecting gamers over a network.i'll give them that.but i counter this argument in that microsoft has canceled MMO after no PSO here.and sega didn't make you PAY to PLAY.yakuza,the spiritual successor to shenmue,is only on ps3.virtual tennis(the most fun break out sports title at the time because world series baseball sucked when it released)is being given a hot innovative option of 3D on ps3.

i loved the developers at sega.but they are not doing it this gen when it comes to games and pushing envelopes.never mind that i won't ever see a streets of rage 4,skies of arcadia 2 or shenmue3 or a properly made sequel of anything,sega just doesn't have hit anymore.and they keep rehashing my beloved VF series.

now if platinum games made something for kinect that was innovative like their glory days at clover studios,then maybe.or if yuji naka cared like he used to for sonic.or if the great yu suzuki made a space harrier game for it.or if yuzo koshiro made some mad beats for a game releasing on it.

no,360 is no dreamcast 2.and kinect,as interesting as it is with hacks,has not shown any games or announced any games of any significance to real gamers who want challenge over shallow gameplay for the masses.

kreate2730d ago

Sega has limited cash.

Microsoft has unlimited cash.
Microsoft also monopolize with their windows software.
Microsoft is a powerful corporation out to get the consumers.
Long Live Microsoft!

pain777pas2730d ago

Kreate what you posted is scary. You sent a shiver down my spine. Seriously!!!!!!!

tobysims2730d ago

This troll always types so much bull in his comments. Most of his comments are in 360 articles trolling how 360 sucks and PS3 is god. I don't even read his sh1t anymore.

DigitalRaptor2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

If you are talking about Apocalypse Shadow, I feel completely sorry for you.

Remove your hate for PS3 fanboys and the "SDF", and turn it into hate for fanboys in general. Why focus on one type? To suit your arguments? Because you like the 360, so 360 fanboys aren't bad?

Gimme a break.

He is right. Sega started offering great content for the Dreamcast from day one. Kinect has only offered awful content so far, and even all this "potential" we hear of, I don't see how games utilising Kinect can evolve from being on-rails, gimped versions of what they could be without the limitations of a camera + sensors. Kinect was made for the ignorant masses - deal with it!

vishant1012730d ago

um well didn't sega go out of business because of the dream cast i don't see kinect doing that to the xbox

Grown Folks Talk2730d ago

The Dreamcast went out of business because there was hardly any advertisement, EA didn't support it, & Sony lied about the capabilities of the PS2.

stonecold32730d ago

no man peter moore had something to do closing sega out of hardware buiness

PSjesus2730d ago

As avid SEGA fan no one should compare X360 to a revolutionary console as DC.

Masterchef20072730d ago

Microsoft has a lot of money so they wont drop support of the 360. Once the console starts to dip in sales they will release a new box.

strickers2730d ago

Kinect turns 360 into Wii2 but minus the quality Nintendo devs.Ms have about 2 or 3 good devs and no exceptional ones.
Luckily,they have enough cash to just throw money around until something sticks.It's nothing like the Dreamcast.