Killzone 3 Midnight Launch Event Coverage [India]

Tech2: We told you about Killzone 3 getting a midnight launch at Game4U, which did happen, and there were quite a few Killzone fans out there. Some coming in 3 hours before the launch while the latecomers coming in, well… late!

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bwazy2825d ago

Why the heck don't North American Gameing stores look that awesome! I mean hell, my local gamestop looks like a piece of crap compared to that. AND THERES ACTUALLY PEOPLE THERE.

showtimefolks2825d ago

i been going to that one for a long long time so i know everyone it kind of feels like home when buying games from there and sometimes when i buy from other stores it feels weird lol

here is my guess KZ3 will do over one million in its first week and i am expecting life time sales of at the very least 5 million. I just played about 2hrs online very smooth and a lot of improvements haven't touched the single player. warzone is as awesome as ever

if you looking for a great FPS which isn't anything like the crap COD is this is for you until my most wAnted FPS comes out later this year resistance 3

one title that's way under the radar is BRINK that could change the FPS market forever if it does what's its aiming to do

bwazy2825d ago

Don't forget about homefront. It looks very battlefield ish. :P

miyamoto2825d ago

and why do the Asians get them cool black Killzone 3 t-shirts?

Sugreev20012825d ago

The store I go to looks pretty lame compared to this too.