PS3Vault Review: Two Worlds II

The original Two Worlds was a complete and total disaster. So when I heard Reality Pump was working on a sequel to one of the worst experiences of this generation (on consoles), I was more than bit skeptical of the final product. Does Two Worlds II make good on the promises of the franchise, or is it stuck in a rut of mediocrity. Hit the break for our verdict.

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clarick012826d ago

it will be hard to break the curse of the first game, but it looks like they have really pulled it together for this one.

Spinal2826d ago

Does the multiplayer mode have matchmaking or is it Only invite friends?

xyxzor2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

It has custom match searching and quick match, but no party system.

Spinal2825d ago

Ah ok thanks. well thats better than inviting friend only.