A Question of Morality: Console Hacking

PixlBit takes a critical eye to the current Sony GeoHot debacle and asks an important question: is console hacking immoral?

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awiseman2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Immoral? lol no, Console hacking has yeilded many great products. Would I do it? No but there's no denying the benefits

And props to the writer for pointing out that Pirating and Haking are 2 entirely different things.

yewles12825d ago

"Console hacking has yeilded many great products."

And not a single one that isn't already available on PC to begin with.

gravemaker2825d ago

lol no, it's not a theft.

LeonVesper2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

It's not immoral to have the CFW. Morality comes into question the moment you use the backup utility for games that doesn't exist on a blu-ray disk that is sitting in your living room, bedroom, man(woman?) cave, et all.

Personally, I have nothing against hackers. I mean, if some hackers are intelligent enough to actually have a serious conversation with Sony with ways to talk about potential official firmware updates such as new software emulation to bring back the backwards compatibility, or talk to developers with existing code to modify existing games (Fallout, Call of Duty, Dragon Age, etc.), I would be delighted to see new innovations for the PS3 from the hacking and modding community. (Granted I still have my original 2007 20GB sitting next to my Slim 120GB.)

But, who am I kidding, the majority who do the CFW don't know two ways from Sunday how the code works. Just follow the instructions and hope your favorite hacker/modder is brewing up some FW that sates your instant gratification, without any appreciation towards the code and time involved to even make the CFW. Script Kiddies.

Cajun Chicken2825d ago

It is, if said console has market. Take the Dreamcast, great hacking community now, because it's no longer commercial. Hacking in the middle of a marketable lifespan is a ridiculous thing to do. Even if it is your own. Passing the instructions so further people can do what you do is also pretty damn illegal. If you do something with your console, shut up and don't give the secret recipe.

Games have a far bigger budget on consoles and a lot more to make up than that of a handheld. The effects of one hack and that change of sales can shut down multiple developers or cause them to struggle to put the money into expanding or developing new IP.

Case in point 1: Youtube; Someone uploads video of playing Super Mario Allstars rom on a emulator on a hacked PS3. Nintendo complain to Sony to act on this affecting sales of the Wii Mario Anniversary package and want to protect their IP on their systems. Thereby attempting to sue Sony.

Case in point 2: Copied game published by industry giant Activision or EA. Activison or EA inquire strongly about the state of sales over players on PS3. Sony is in positioned to be sued or lose support entirely. This has already actually ruined the monopoly of online games due to hacking and Sony has had to act on it fast.

Case in point 3: People buy PS3, nobody buys Playstation exlusives which developers are under the umbrella of Sony Computer Entertainment. Uncharted 3 comes out, doesn't get as many sales as sequel due to piracy and a great world wide leading developer such as Naughty Dog is forced to close.

Just think about the people being paid at the end of the day instead of having stuff you know very well you can do on what you're surfing N4G on right now.

Face it hacking supporters, your not going to be doing word processing or databases on the PS3 if it was allowed to be hacked. What on Earth would you be doing with it outside of that and further gaming?

Apotheosize2825d ago

I do believe you should be able to do what you want with things you own, but the moment you start affecting other people with the things you do is the moment you lose that right.

MWong2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I gotta agree.

The problem with hacking that I have is the question where do your civil liberties begin and mine end? I buy games to enjoy certain experiences and have fun with my friends playing FPS's. However, if you hacking the game to give yourself "GOD Mode" or unlimited bullets ruining the game how is that right?

They unlocked hidden content in MvC3, while I don't support DLC, because most of it is already on the disc just locked or incomplete. I buy some of it because I like what is being offered. If developers see that their DLC is getting unlocked on one console why would they keep on supporting that console? The thing is most people see what they want and don't look at the entire picture.

earbus2825d ago

Well alot of ps2 are hacked but i guess that no longer matters it sold alot it sony should leave it hacked to make money selling consoles.