Joystiq Interview: Duke Nukem Forever being completed as 3D Realms envisioned

Standing in the back room of a Las Vegas strip club -- which sounds far more seedy and sexy than it actually was -- Gearbox president Randy Pitchford detailed for us the once and future Duke Nukem Forever and how the studio's primary goal for the game is fulfilling the vision set forth by defunct developer 3D Realms.

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gman_2972812d ago

For now. I imagine the day the game is supposed to be confirmed to go gold and a hurricane, tornado, tsunami, earthquake, volcano, lighting, and a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick hit the Gearbox building alone and all of the code is lost.

sickbird2812d ago

It would be funny if the release date was January 1st 2012. Then we would know we're fucked.

palaeomerus2812d ago

Yeah, Randy is kind of messin' with God by finishing Duke 4Ever. I hope he has asteroid insurance.