Intel's Hapertown quad core processors get benchmarked

It looks like we're not quite done with Intel news out of IDF just yet, with the folks at now scoring some benchmarks for the company's so-called "Stoakley" server/workstation platform. At the center of that platform are two-socket-capable quad-core Penryn CPUs, which are set to replace the current 65nm quad-core Clovertown models. And in that repect, it looks like Hapertown should be a worthy successor, with HEXUS calling it a "better quad-core processor than Clovertown: it's as simple as that." While their tests were somewhat hindered by Intel's choice to include the 32-bit Windows XP on the test system , they nonetheless managed to turn up some decent benchmark numbers and, just as importantly, found plenty of room for those numbers to grow, especially once SSE4.1-optimised applications start to turn up. Those looking for even more details can hit up the read link below for the complete rundown.

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Cartesian3D3831d ago

I think reviews are good aswell (better imo)

if u want benchmark and comparison vs barcelona (AMD new real Quadcore processor ) click below :

DarkJedi3831d ago

Waiting to do my upgrade until these and barcelona are at retail.

Also, title needs editing, it's Harpertown, not Hapertown. </pedant>