Dead Space 2 – Log Location and Peng Treasure Guide

RipTen: Dead Space 2 is so frighteningly good that it’s scaring up HUGE sales and great reviews around the world. If you need help looking for the logs and the Peng Treasure, we’ve got this guide to help.

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Invadersims2430d ago

I'm so glad that someone did all the hard work for me. I'm too lazy to do work, even digitally.

Kreyg2430d ago

I have no idea, but when I see "Log" and "Peng" I think of poop and pinging something on the intarwebs.

Duki2Lime2430d ago

There is always Peng lol

sam22362430d ago

Damn it! You beat me to it!

egidem2430d ago

Already?? That was fast! I'll find Peng on my own.

jaredhart2430d ago

He said "Log" and "Peng"

Uh huh huh huh.

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