NGP vs. Nintendo 3DS: No Chance for Sony

Earlier today Sony announced its NGP/PSP2 handheld. The question is: Which device will win the next round in mobile gaming?

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Dark_Charizard2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

PSP2 is quite superior to 3DS where technology is concerned but it seems like just an update of the PSP. The 3DS on the other hand is something fresh and the number of games (70+) announced for it far exceed that of PSP2. This, for me, makes 3DS the better choice at present. I love Nintendo games and I can't wait to see what new games their developers and others will create using its 3D, accelerometer, gyroscope etc!

tigertron2703d ago

The 3DS isn't any more fresh, it still looks just as much like a DS as the NGP does compared to the PSP. The only thing the 3DS has thats unique right now is glasses free 3D, but for me, game wise and tech wise, it'll be the NGP for me first.

newhumanbreed2703d ago

Agreed. Nintendo is just porting N64 games over to the 3DS with HD graphics. I want new games, not old games that I can just play on my N64. I want to enjoy playing my games and not worry about getting migraines from playing in 3D. People argue that you can just turn off the 3D, but then whats the point of getting a 3DS if you're just going to be playing with the 3D feature off. Might as well get the cheaper DS. That's where I make the choice of NGP. The NGP has far more superior hardware and maybe game library(we'll have to wait to determine that one). With its new touch screen, I'm sure we're going to see a huge amount of those iOS and Android games coming to NGP. I'm saving my money for a NGP, it just seems like the smarter choice when compared to a 3DS.

blitz06232703d ago

You've got it backwards I'm afraid. The NGP is more of a fresh start. In all honesty both are, but it's obvious the PSP2 has the bigger leap in terms of technology. And it's unfair to compare the games announced. PSP2 will surely have more games announced in the future.

ThanatosDMC2703d ago

^Check that picture link. Nuff said.

anh_duong2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

the problem for the psp from a gamer point of view is not the ds but more the fact that rampant piracy meant little 3rd paty support in the west.. so long as the psp2 does not get hacked then i think the 3ds and psp2 are 2 mutually exclusive devices with each enjoying considerable support..

although i heard the 3ds is alrady cracked

ComboBreaker2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Haters: "3D bad. Touch screen good. Touchscreen DS innovative."

Sony: "Dual-Touchscreens, Dual Cameras, Dual Analog Sticks, Gyrocscope-enabled, GPS-enabled NGP"

Haters: "Touchscreens bad. Not innovative. 3D DS good. 3D very innovative."

The World: "NGP. Nintendo Got Pawn."

NiKK_4192702d ago

why do people hate sony? i dont understand, besides, all the reasons people dislike sony are plain...dumb

maybe they're jealous?

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thereapersson2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

The thing JUST got announced, after all. I think the year-long disadvantage that Sony will have in 2011 is going to be somewhat detrimental to their progress, but if they can come up with compelling software reasons to own one, I don't think it will be as bad as everyone assumes.

Ju2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Looks to me that thing existed for a while in a prototype state. Having those demos at a launch event like this is phenomenal.

This said, a big launch game line up - in contrast to what happened when the PS3 launched - and the right launch window will impact this device more than to release this early in an off season without games. Holiday season with games can be fantastic for Sony. Not saying they didn't go through troubles - rumors of overheating and delays due to this - but fall/winter 2011 will be a great time to launch.

Active Reload2703d ago

The NGP is really impressive, who can deny that? But watching movies in 3D with no glasses is something I can't really ignore. Now if the NGP was to be updated with 3D without glasses, then the only reason to get the 3DS would be because you're a diehard Nintendo fan or if the NGP wasn't getting support.

thereapersson2703d ago

I just hope the reports of the 3DS being really bad for your eyesight aren't true.

TBM2703d ago

i already have bad eyes and the fact that you have to hold the 3ds steady to get the full 3D effect is a complete turn off for me.

iamnsuperman2703d ago

It depends on the person really. 3D gaming is a no for me considering I am prone to headache from watching 3D movies.

StbI9902703d ago

Had to be a xbox troll like dark charizard LOOOOOOL...keep living in the dark

jrbeerman112703d ago

where does xbox come into this at all?

visualb2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

@ jrbeerman11

*looks at comment below*


360degrees2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

I agree with the title^ 100%...the truth of the matter is that Nintendo currently, and for the foreseeable future will continue to dominate the handheld gaming market...when will people learn from history...original gameboy anyone?

schlanz2703d ago

Wow @ disagrees. Nintendo WILL continue to dominate the handheld market, that shouldn't come to a surprise to anybody.

That said, the NGP looks stunning and I think it will definitely carve out a niche thats sizable enough for it to find moderate success. Of course, a lot of that depends on pricing and security. I hope it doesn't fall victim to the plague of piracy that the PSP suffered.

But regardless of how well the NGP does commercially, there is no chance of it competing on the same level as the 3DS.

rhood0222703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

What Ive learned from history is that...things change.

I bet no one saw Sony taking the console crown from Nintendo with the PS1. Especially since the NES and SNES were the dominate consoles for nearly a decade.

Same goes with how the Wii ended the reign of the era of Sony. PS1 and PS2, the dominant console of their days. Leaving others in the dust only to be dethroned by the very company they beat years ago.

No reign lasts forever. So as secure as it seems Nintendo's lock on the handheld market is...history shows otherwise.

schlanz2703d ago

And all those examples you gave were for consoles, not handhelds.

Nintendo has yet to be dethroned in the handheld industry for over 20 years now, and no one has even come close. Time and time again competition has risen to the challenge, and none have had even modest success until the PSP, which was still blown out of the water by the grossly technologically inferior DS with regard to both system and software sales.

If history has taught us anything its that Nintendo's handheld success won't be threatened by technologically impressive competitors... even when that competitor is Sony. There isn't a shred of evidence in the past that argues otherwise.

And need I remind everyone of all the doom and gloom "hardcore" gamers were spreading about the DS before it and the PSP released? And look how things turned out. Hardcore gamers make up a *minute* percentage of the handheld market, so whether or not all the "hardcore" gamers on N4G would rather have a PSP2, it is no indication of the downfall of Nintendo.

Hanif-8762703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

I didn't even read the article because the title is just utterly insane, the NGP (PSP2) is the obvious choice. It just sucks to be a mindless delusional freak like who wrote this article!

Its blasphemy Dammit!!!!!

Highlife2703d ago

Yes Dark_Charizard it is just an update a freaking huge update.
besides getting all the big first party sony games. There will be all the pick up and go games from Playstation Suite.

visualb2703d ago

PSP2 will do well, but the 3DS will ultimately sell more

they will both be more successful than their ancestors though, thats for sure, and THAT is what matters =)

Im leaning towards PSP2 though...did you see uncharted? and LBP2? and wtf was tht other crazy stuff =O

pain777pas2703d ago

3DS may outsell the NGP and guess what.... I do not care. NGP is the portable for me as a gamer. I will be getting the 3DS to support Nintendo because I do not have anything but a gamecube from them at the moment. NGP is everything I want out of a portable gaming device. BC with all PSN PSP titles to boot. 3DS will come home with me in a few months but NGP will be my system of choice maybe period soon.

SIX2702d ago

Dual analog sticks is why the psp2 is better. Also, from what I hear. They perform as good as the sticks on a standard controller.

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Homicide2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

In terms of sales, Nintendo obviously.

I'm more hyped for NGP. The 3DS has a terrible battery life, region-lock and most of the library is composed of ports/remakes. The 3D gimmick isn't good enough for me.

eterry2703d ago

i agree with you in the sense that im more excited and i want the NGP but the battery life for both devices is around 5hrs

Neckbear2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

We don't know about the NGP battery life, either, and if you wanna talk about gimmicks, look at all the shit Sony stuffed on the NGP.

"HURR I WANT GPS ON A FUCKIN' PORTABLE!". The read pad comes to mind, as well.

As for me, I'll probably wait for both to have a decent library and a good price. Seriously.

StbI9902703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Why most if not all the xbox troll out there seem to be the only one bashing the ngp by bringing some sense to the new generation of portable systems and no some depth perception trick that only make the worthwhile worsewhile lately?

Did u even saw how well integrated the GPS function was to track who is who and where is who and wtf is who playing?will u tell me now u dont care who is who on the go huh?...nah just lets bash...better next time homie

ThanatosDMC2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Battery life is 4-5 hrs according to Eurogamer.


It's very identical to the PSPgo and PSP-3000.

3DS has 3-5 hrs according to Nintendo.

Link: http://www.computerandvideo...

FrigidDARKNESS2703d ago

adding a 5 inch OLED screen will push the price out of consumers hands so far specualting U.S. price 599.99 with no 3d features.
Sony will have a lot of explaining to do by not adding 3d to the psp2 since they made that bold statement "everything we do is 3d".

longcat2703d ago

The first ps3 shown had 6 usb ports and some other stuff that eventually got cut.

we could expect some scaling back as we go along. I'm still excited, but i'm a bit concerned about overheating.

is this a legit concern or not? Not too sure

TBM2703d ago

personally i didnt want them to put 3d in and im glad they didnt. with my eyes i can handle 3d on a big movie screen, even a tv but on a small screen like the 3ds they are asking me to put crazy pressure on my eyes which are bad to begin with. sorry but ill stick with my DSi, and i'll purchase the NGP if the price is reasonable upon release.

StbI9902703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Hello...the only explaining there is the fact that u cant have both touchcreen and 3d tech on the same boat.

I myself dont see any concern not having 3D on my portable system since... sure? why would you?... that tech pertain to home console imho, nintendo should care more for a better portable experience, better communication, and stuff like these instead of giving pros to a tech that isnt even ready yet, shame that sony is the only that seem to be getting where this portable stuff need to be going at lately.

The best for the two tho.

Strange_Evil2703d ago

What a lame comparison to be honest... Comparing both is like comparing a current gen console to the Wii.. Ya the Wii sells and so will the 3DS, but if Sony even prices this beast somewhere near the 3DS, it would be really embarrassing for Nintendo as their handheld isn't even 1/4th as powerful as the NGP...

And the only real reason why the people consider the PSP as a failure is cause of less games which was a direct effect of piracy hence devs lost interest.. I am pretty sure Sony will learn from the PSP and the current PS3 goof ups to produce an even more challenging device to hack. And once the thing gets dev support, the 3rd party would be like the PS3 and 360... Hardly mattering. And in first party, lets face it both have enough muscle...

The main game call me crazy but I feel would be the COD title... IF it goes by the current trend, then that game can actually move more consoles than a Mario and Zelda combined.

longcat2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

i hope sony have an app store or something similar for NPG.

I kept custom firmware for the free PDF reader and other apps that i use. A big part of the refusal to surrender CFW came from the huge increase in device functionality it provided

Theyellowflash302703d ago

@strange evil
Explain to me how COD can move more consoles than Mario and Zelda combined? Did you see the numbers Mario Kart, New super mario bros put out? New super mario bros on ds has sold over 24 million copies, mario kart has sold over 21 million copies on DS. Both zelda games are totaling about 7 million on the DS. combined for the DS that is over 50 million pieces of software. COD wont touch that. Mario is the definition of system seller.

- i know your excited for the PSP 2 but you just sound foolish

Strange_Evil2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Don't kid yourself dude. DS has more than 130-140 million units out in the market. Just check out the COD numbers on the consoles itself. Like it or not, MW2 sold more than 20 million units on the PS3 and 360 (at a time when both PS3 and 360 combined sales was near the Wii total sales when SMG2 came out).

Lets compare the numbers on the Super Mario galaxy 2 on the Wii shall we... SMG2 sold around 6 million units.. Awesome for any game whereas in the same span COD MW2 sold more than 24 million units (7 million just in 1 day).


With new handhelds coming into the market and the sales field leveled (3DS won't have the 130 million people to jump in so quickly to buy those mario games), COD is as big if not a bigger IP in current times than Mario.

I ain't saying the PSP version will sell a gazzilion units, but if Sony can rope in an exclusive COD title, then it will be as big if not bigger than a Mario game on the 3DS. Keyword="Exclusive" and not some regurgitated port of MW3 on consoles.

Just in % talking, At MW2 launch, both consoles (PS3 and 360) had nearly 65 million userbase combined and yet the game sold around 24 million units which is nearly 40% userbase buying COD games.... Hate COD as much as you want, it's the best selling game.

joeorc2703d ago

Not only that but the PSP is moving from just Sony only platform to pretty much a "multiple platform"

what's more telling which i think has been glossed over.
is the "Playstation Suite" in my opinion..the playstation portable has moved toward a complete platform of not just by Sony but now more companies can make Playstation games for Playstation Hardware!

an the same game can run on multile devices that are not just a Playstation only device.

Sony I think Has officialy started to Open up the Playstation Platform as more "Open" platform for anyone who would like to develop software but has it covered from low entry point for developer's who otherwise may not hae the big budget's to do certain projects an game's.
this is not just for games but also Playstation Application's. Many it seem's wanted the playstation platform to move toward a Homebrew open pltform for development..well I think that is what the

"playstation suite" is now for!

So even the PSP2 will be able to run these "playstation suite" software just as it would run PSP2 only software.

Something that makes it very viable platform for Indie developers.

Cloudberry2703d ago

I don't know / care as long as I played their games.

Both of them providing great games I've ever played that I never thought I would be satisfied from playing a handheld / portable gaming.

Bring on 3DS & NGP.