L.A. Noire Playstation Magazine Article [Scans] reports: "I just got my hands on the latest issue of Playstation Official Magazine and, I immediately went to the L.A. Noire feature that begins on page 40. There is so much to check out in this feature, that I'm just going to cover the highlights of the preview."

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stylez842802d ago

Nice! I'm liking the part referencing the aiming being like RDR. I really liked the aiming system they put into RDR.

IllusionRSN2802d ago

Yea this preview is amazing, I can't wait to play it!

digitalivan2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

"Unlike 'Heavy Rain' L.A. Noire is not as casual of a game."
He obviously didn't play it. This is a casual game:
"A video game targeting casual, irregular gamers, typically having few rules to learn and requires low commitment to complete". Unlike that, Heavy Rain is the most emotionally engaging thrill-ride. Not short of a masterpiece.

ilikestuff2802d ago

agreed hoss, i just played the heavy rain demo and i could tell its a hardcore gamers game

SeraphimBlade2802d ago

I THINK what they mean is that we will not have two hours of tutorials on moving an analog stick around. Because recent Rockstar games aren't known for cramming multiple hours of tutorials before getting to the real action...

wait, FU-

still really looking forward to it. Haven't decided whether to reserve it while I'm at college or not. I'm unconvinced that it will come out before summer.

Xbox360PS3AndPC2800d ago

Heavy Rain Is Pushing Some Buttons Which Is As Casual As It Gets