How Long Does it Take To Fall From the Highest Point in Just Cause 2?

TitanReviews test how big the world of Just Cause 2 really is by flying to the top of the world and then falling all the way to the ground. The time it took is pretty mind boggling though.

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clank5432891d ago

This game is a fantastic time eater when there's no other good games coming out. I come back to it pretty often. What a fun game!

Op242891d ago

i've been playin it this entire weekend

Commander_TK2891d ago

I played it on PC back when it released. I was impressed by the graphics.

PS3Freak2891d ago

I played in Religously for about a month. Took me 75 hours, but I got the platinum! Awesome game.

Downtown boogey2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Uh, I hate those kinda games (like this and GTA) where you can spend huge amounts of time just fooling around while your brain turns numb... And in the end... You've just literally wasted hours upon hours doing absolutely nothing worth anything.

It ALWAYS feels sad at the end, I realize that now.

Mmmkay2891d ago

you must be new to gaming....

PS3Freak2891d ago


Maybe you should stop gaming. Wasting time is what gaming is for. Except, you are supposed to enjoy it.

blumatt2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Just Cause 2 represents all the fun factor that should have been in GTA 4. It was like playing San Andreas all over again, except with grapple hooks. Fun game, though. Plus, it had Youtube upload support for the PS3 version. I put up a few videos on my Youtube. (Pimpnmatt) Yeah, I know I need to change my Youtube username. hahaha

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lugia 40002891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Looks like a big world...
Well, maybe not so big, but pretty good for a game.

Hockeydud192891d ago

ya just looking at the world makes me want to buy the game

Strange_Evil2891d ago

It's bigger than like 10 GTA:San Andreas put together... It's seriously that huge. Pretty good game to kill time, spent more than 30-40 hours just roaming and destroying stuff. And the graphics are good as well.

Kakihara2891d ago

I wouldn't buy it full price. The world is big but it can seem very empty at points.

My main problem with it is that you have to do sidequests or travel around destroying random things in order to unlock each new story mission.

This would be fine normally but it takes a lot of side questing or a LOT of destruction to unlock each new story mission. The side quests are very cut and paste too. Imagine if GTA made you do two assassination or race side missions before every story mission.

The story missions are amazing though, real James Bond stuff. It's a great game that's been waaay too padded with needless monotony.

joydestroy2891d ago

it's a decent game. i have it on PC and it looks ridiculously good maxed out.

Kon2891d ago

Map Size comparison: Just looks at the size!

GTA SA: 13.6mi²
JC2 : 400mi²

but there is bigger!

LotR Online : 30.000mi²
Elder Scrols 2 - Daggerfall : 62.394mi²

NoobSessions2891d ago

Am I the only one amazed that the game engine can support that much vertical space?

Op242891d ago

no ur not haha. I sat the controller down when I made this video cause it felt like forever. I went and got a drink and I was still falling lol

OllieBoy2891d ago

Just Cause 2 kicks so much ass. It needs more love!

badz1492890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

and that's a guy who hates on everything!

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