Crysis Beta Batch 2 Released

The Batch 2 keys for the Crysis beta has been released. Jump in as this is highly limited.

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Cube3870d ago

Look for me on there.

Hell-Reaver3870d ago

I find it kinda stupid that you have to be a paying subscriber these days to be included in beta's to "test" a game.

Cube3870d ago

Its not so bad, it's about the price of a magazine subscription. Also the single player demo will be out the 25th

snipermk03870d ago

^^ you cant blame crytek for tht..EA would do anything to earn a little cash. And its the publishers decision to do what they want with the beta/demo. And its huge money for EA if they "sell" it to FilePlanet.

QUNE3870d ago

But do I need to have Vista installed to play this game? I haven't been keeping up on this game....