Sega Rally: Games Radar Review scores 9/10

Proving that the world is a weird place, Colin McRae: Dirt offers fine rallying, while Sega Rally is far better at the dirty business. As you tear up the track, much of it ends up coating your car – mud and dust clinging to your bumpers, with trips through the wet washing the grime off. It's the slick design that makes Sega Rally look so seamless, rather than just a hundred billion polygons – but although a lot has been made of the graphics, that's not what makes the game, either.

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xaphanze3743d ago

AAA title? Seems that way.

sajj3163743d ago

2 positive scores for Rally Revo and for $49.99 in the US, its a deal.

power0919993743d ago

Is this not the 3rd 9/10 that it has gotten though? I might have miscounted.

Shaka2K63743d ago

Best on PS3...

and hopefully Sega would start to get some love so all the annoying blind tools on the internet stop hating on Sega.

Double-Edged3743d ago

on my 360.

pretty good game. But i really liked Dirt better.

But this game is awesome. very arcadey....i'd try it with my steeringwheel.

Feihc Retsam3743d ago

I also played the demo. It's fun, but for the more regular rally racing fan, I think you;ll find more enjoyment in Dirt. It FEELS more like a trip down a country road than a blast around a track.
That's what Rally is... These guys blast down some of the tightest, bumpiest roads in the world, and it's not always in their control.

I feel like Sega Rally is a bit too controlled, if that makes sense.
Part of Rally racing is knowing how to control when you can, and compensate for the times when things aren't in your control (like when you are in the air unexpectedly, or hit a rut that you had know way of knowing was there)

Sega Rally will be a fun multiplayer game, but I'm more into the style that DIRT was done in. More gritty and true to the sport.

Bullseye3743d ago

It's pretty poor! Graphics are what you'd expect in an arcade machine and are definitely,to my way of thinking,PS2 quality with added polish,but not 'next gen'. Sorry,i know people love Sega, but this is pi$$ poor.Ok maybe if you like arcady type racing,then this could be for you, but its more ridge racer that Dirt, thats for sure.

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