DC Universe signals new start for console MMO

MCV: Today marks the UK release of what many hope will be the turning point in the MMO genre's stuttering fortunes on consoles - Sony Online Entertainment's DC Universe Online.

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ikkeweer2891d ago

I'd say day 1, but my local store apparently cant order it for me, so I guess it'll be a day 2 buy for me. Had no interest in this game untill I played the Beta, now I gotta have it.

Lets-Game2891d ago

amazing game, loving it. the voice acting quests and combat system are totally different from any mmo before. very engaging so far.

Trebius2891d ago

I agree. Been loving every second of it. Granted its crashed on me once or twice since I got it (launch day), and theres some random bugs here and there ... but it's very engaging and addictive. I'm on a PvP server and loving it.

Voice acting is very authentic and the quests you go on are very interesting if you're into the DC universe. It teaches you about some of the Villains/Heroes backstories and everything ...

Dont wanna go off and write a wall of text/mini review...but just saying Id recommend it for anyone remotely curious as to what an MMO would be like on the PS3...once some kinks get worked out it'll be even more fun.

Dragun6192891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Totally agree with both of you, combat was very enjoyable, I was expecting something like a point n click experience, but found an action experience that has a similar feeling as playing dmc or god of war games.

And the voice acting in this game is perfect. Really adds to the imersion of the game. If I had to name what mmo that could possibly work on consoles. It would definatly be DC universe online.

Da_Truth2891d ago

This is my first MMO ever and i'm loving it...i'm having some issues in which sound goes away from time to time but i guess they will keep patching it till i gets better. Graphics aren't bad either, for a game this big it looks alright.

ikkeweer2891d ago

I had that sound problem in the Beta a few times. Hope to get it tomorrow, one question, are EU and US players split on servers as they were on the Beta or can I play with people in the US aswell?

Lirky2891d ago

Ps+ users should get free forever for dcuniverse that would be neat as long as u are ps+ u can play for free and also the client on psn.

Si-Fly2891d ago

No way, you're back! Thought I told you to get a job so you can afford to play this game?

Face it, you hi-jacking every thread moaning about pay to play isn't gonna change SOE's mind on this, so go and find another game to play.

ikkeweer2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

That would mean everybody who bought this game would get ps+, buy one month DCU or get PS+ and almost three months free for the same price. Doubt that will happen.

EDIT: PS+ €15 for 3 months, DCU €12,99 for one month (in EU)

clintos592891d ago

Damn im enjoying the hell out of this game & there tons of people online & im a level 24 now but there are tons of strong online villains by the area where green lantern. I thought I was bad azz going there just to find stronger villains higher levels then I am lol. I really need to join up with stronger guys, u cant run around thinking u the top dog all the time.

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