Rockstar: L.A. Noire is not a sandbox game

XMNR: Rockstar Games has made a name for itself with open-world games such as the Grand Theft Auto series and Red Dead Redemption. They are going in a new direction with L.A. Noire for the PS3 and Xbox 360 though with the player taking on the role of a cop in the Los Angeles of 1947. While the game is open-ended, Rockstar doesn't want to call it a sandbox game.

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Hellsvacancy2897d ago

Kinda how Mafia 2 plays i guess

MGRogue20172897d ago

Yes, Just like Mafia II.. only this time, your playing as a cop.

Commander_TK2897d ago

Thank you, Rockstar. Now please let Team Bondi aka the actual developer to the talking.

BiggCMan2897d ago

Which definitely isn't a bad thing. I just hope there is more to the game than Mafia 2. Mafia 2 had a great story, but there wasn't a damn thing to do afterwards. I also hope LA Noire isn't just another GTA clone. I grew very tired of GTA 4 and RDR after I beat them. The multiplayer was boring and broken so I had no interest in it. And all the extra stuff to do was fun for a short while but got old quickly. I really hope LA Noire is a good game. I haven't been impressed with Rockstar in the last few years.

karl2897d ago

thx god...

sandbox is fucking overrated.. u can stray to much from the history sometimes

Wh15ky2896d ago

I absolutely agree and Rockstar can be good when not going down the sandbox route. My two favourite Rockstar games are not sandbox - Red Dead Revolver and Manhunt.

Kran2897d ago

WHUT?! OK. That surprised me. Seriously. I wanted it to be like another Red Dead or GTA.


Led-Zeppelin2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I just watched Goodfellas yesterday, I am so into this mafia stuff now lol.

despair2897d ago

they said that a while back...

Kon2897d ago

This won't ruin the fact that LA Noire is a serious contender to GoTY 2011

TheTruth892897d ago

don't lie to yourself.
it will be a good game, no doubt about that.

but no way a GOTY candidate.

Kon2897d ago

OK, if you think so...

ReservoirDog3162897d ago

You can't deny that any game that R* makes is a definite contender for GOTY. And this one looks really good.

TheTruth892897d ago

This isn't a Rockstar Game.

It's a Team Bondi game. Rockstar is the publisher.

ReservoirDog3162897d ago

Still, they're attaching their name to it. It passed their seal of approval. It's gotta be indictive of its potential. Could it suck? Sure. But I think it's more possible that it'd be good.

TheTruth892897d ago

in fact i never said it will be a bad game. just not a GOTY candidate.

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Sarcasm2897d ago

how can people make such short sighted predictions when there are no previews of gameplay for this game.

Kon2897d ago

I don't need previews to see if a game is good or not... Just by looking at the trailers, the amazing lip sync, well, let's hope my "short sighted predictions" come true

ReservoirDog3162897d ago

R* games are usually good.

It's an easy assumption to make.

Sarcasm2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

So if the rest of the game sucks ass, boring, and has terrible gameplay but has great lip sync, it's GOTY?

I'm just saying, have more sense than that. Don't pre-label something GOTY contender without a hint or sight of how the game actually plays.

And not all R* games are THAT good. But that boils down to personal opinions.

I liked Red Dead Redemption and played hours of it. But the one thing they STILL CANT GET RIGHT is controls. Laggy controls and terrible aiming really takes the fun out of it.

saint_john_paul_ii2897d ago

RDR surprised us in 2010. dont lie to yourself either. LA Noire could be poised to surpise everyone.

Dac2u2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

While I do think it's way too early to tell if it'll be a GOTY contender, it looks like it's turning into a great game. And it won't surprise me if it does top many of the GOTY lists.

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