Glasses Free 3D Gaming Coming From Toshiba in 2011

RipTen: "When I walked into Toshiba’s party at CES 2011, the last thing I expected was to see Final Fantasy XIII in full 3D on a 56” HD TV without glasses – however, that’s just what I got."


Clearly, you cannot see the 3D effects in the video. Toshiba answers questions about Glasses-Free 3D TV Gaming in the article.

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Hitman07692699d ago

ahhh heck yeah, sooner than I thought, well it's been out for a while actually but for it to be pushed to mass market in 2011 is sooner than I thought, hope price is below the 3,000 mark and I'lll definitely look into affording it.

GrieverSoul2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

3000€ mark?! Doubt it! 56" will be really expensive.

I bought a 3DTV becasue I needed a new bedroom TV so my 32" went there and I bought a 40" Samsung for my living room. I bought 3D because the diference from a good LCD and that particular 3D set was 100€. I went for the 3D. I honestly dont like the effect at all in certain games and Im really curious about a non glasses set. Stardust HD is a AMAZING when 3D is enabled! But without glasses a few doubts comes to my mind. Will the effect be the same? Will it have viewing angles problems?

Venatus-Deus2699d ago

I'll bet my house right now that it doesn't make it in 2011. At least not below £5000 for a 40in

Boody-Bandit2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Don't get too excited just yet peeps. Toshiba announced a 3D 20" glassless display for 2011 that will retail for $3000 dollars. At what price do you think this 56" will hit retail?

nycredude2699d ago

Show how much the retarded haters of 3d glasses know. They bitch and moan about the price and say yeah I'll wait until the glasses panels come. Good luck paying over $3000 on a 19 inch panel where you need to sit directly in front of the tv without moving! LOL

40 to 50 inch will cost $10,000 LOL. No offense but Toshiba? Who owns a Toshiba TV? You are better off getting a Vizio.

Danteh2699d ago

Holy shit FINALLY!!!! The future is here!!

I bet this will be like when plasmas first came out, next 5 years the technology will be awesome but brutally expensive, and maybe in about 8-9 years (2020 I guess, damn) it will be accessible for the general public like now HDTVs are.

Still, it will be cool to enter your house and have a 3D image popping out of your TV lol

kramun2699d ago

Toshiba actually make very good quality tvs, Ive had a few over the years and I've been happy with them.

inveni02699d ago

What ever happened to laser tv? I expect we'll see 3D without glasses when laser sets come out.

Tell me...why would a TV company push glasses-less TV at 2x the price when they can push 3D TV that requires accessories (and the inevitable addition/replacement of said accessories) for more $$$? Especially when people are obviously already buying 3D?

We won't see glasses-less until production and performance are at current 3DTV prices (i.e. sub-$1500).

FrankMcSpank2699d ago

I want a TV that can do both. Cause the depth is cool, but I want to have the stuff come flying out of the screen to. I don't want to discard the other half of what 3D is.

Field of Depth into the TV
Nearsight Perception of objects out of the TV

IcarusOne2698d ago

"Especially when people are obviously already buying 3D?"

Except people aren't. People are taking advantage of the influx of 3D to buy the much cheaper 2D sets. Everything you mentioned (accessories and $$$) is precisely why these sets are nothing more than a niche market.

I think it's only when glassless 3D shows up that we'll see a bump in the market. And I think manufacturers think that too.

Retro_Zombie2698d ago

Shit just got real for the PS3.

Montrealien2698d ago

I remember hearing about this a while ago..

3d with glasses is 70 year old tech, no glasses however, I am in.

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GWAVE2699d ago

I knew it was just a matter of time. Good thing I didn't pick up a 3DTV when my wife and I bought our TV. Hopefully Sony supports the tech instead of continuing to force glasses upon us.

Chris3992699d ago

On my Samsung, there's a button that you can press to make ANY content 3D. It doesn't have to be specifically engineered for it. That's all that the Toshiba set is doing. It selects aspects of the picture for depth and uses variable 3D effects on them.

Only difference is that there won't be glasses. I am curious to know if/ how they fixed the viewing angle problem with auto-stereoscopic tvs though.

Venatus-Deus2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

@ Chris

They didn't (see posted link above). But it does make me want to hang on for another 12 months.

It seems they are getting better or closer from last years event:

nycredude2699d ago

So you have to pay $3000 for a 19 inch screen with terrible viewing angle (rushed tech). Where are all the people who complained about the price of 3d tvs now?

UnwanteDreamz2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )


Like all good trolls they retreat under the bridge. Anyone with half a brain knew 2 things about this.

1. It would be very expensive.
2. It would only be veiwable from certain angles.

That leaves you with this conclusion. If you buy a 3D set like this now not everyone in your living room gets to enjoy. I am interested in the tech but it isn't really fleshed out IMO. I like how this guy fails to mention how well it works. Too busy drooling over it I guess.

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egidem2699d ago ShowReplies(2)
AEtherbane2699d ago

Cool, you can really see th game pop-out in the vid!!!!

But in all honesty, this is the 3D (for those like it) that we've been waiting for.

ngecenk2699d ago

there's something fishy about this. is this the correct 3d sensation? i mean ff xiii wasnt designed for a 3D effects, so how can they get the additional data for the 3D sensation? its weird. looking for a more reliable source and trained eye.

fr0sty2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

the thing about these glasses free sets, the "3D Zone" is restricted to a small area right dead center in front of the TV. So, just like with a glasses based 3DTV, not everyone in the room is going to get to see it in 3D (at least with the old 3dtv's, you had the option of buying more pairs of glasses).

So, plan on possibly having to re-arrange your living room so 2 people can comfortably enjoy glasses free video in 3D. And plan on paying enough to buy 2-3 standard 3DTV's for it.

also, upscaling 2d to 3d sucks. everything comes out looking like it's in flat layers. kinda like how alice in wonderland does, or any other movie upscaled to 3d.

ngecenk2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

just exactly like what i thought. im currently learning this kind of tech in my campus and unless my lecturer is so stupid, i should've notice any glassless 3D that do not sacrifice comfortable viewing angle or limit the viewers number.

this kind of parallax view tech is just a dream with a false hope, it will only hold the 3D push to the market intentionally or not.

feel free to press the disagree button but for this kind of 'false hope' came from a company (or 2 companies, ms has the same glassless project too with the 'infamous' eye tracker) that used to fight with sony (who fully support glassed 3D) is worth to be questioned.

fr0sty2698d ago

sony is also making glasses-less 3d sets, but they claim to have improved the viewing angle a good bit. that said, they will still never match the image quality of sets that use glasses. ghosting will always be there, and unless it costs a fortune expect a resolution decrease as well.

now that manufacturers are coming out with tv's that support polarized 3d glasses (the kind you get in the theater) which are dirt cheap, the "i don't want to have to wear expensive glasses" crowd should be satisfied.

thorstein2698d ago

We all WIN!!! I heard the smaller ones were quite affordable considering how new the tech is... (1200 for something the size of a 20 incher). That is quite a bit lower than first gen plasmas and LCDs.

Lord_Doggington2698d ago


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CrzyFooL2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

No way. It'll get pushed to 2012 - Toshiba is just trying to beat everyone to market.

Newtype2699d ago

Eh, Toshiba has bad rep when it comes to TVs though. I have a Toshiba TV in the break room at my work and I am not really liking it.

Lord_Doggington2698d ago


Batmau52699d ago

Could have used a better game to show it off!

Xander7562699d ago

That's already in 3D though. The point of using FF13 was to show that even games not specifically designed for 3D can be up-converted with this TV.

Axecution2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

Oh. That explains it! How genius of them. Rather than using an actual 3D movie to show off their new 3D tech, use upscaling tech instead to show it off. Nobody cares what the TV does with an actual 3D game/movie anyway i guess, as long as it can upscale 2D content. (that was sarcasm to the good 50% of N4G people who dont seem to know what sarcasm is xD)

Seriously though, 2D to 3D upscaling isn't that cool. It almost seems like, turning on simulated 3D on my Bravia just makes everything blurry, and then putting the glasses on makes it not blurry.

I love my 3DTV, but the simulated 3D isn't thaaat cool, except for certain games like Warhawk where there are things far in the distance.

I totally don't believe that this glasses-less 3DTV even really works at all. If it did, then they would have shown actual 3D content rather than simulated 3D crap. Maybe the depth into the TV works, but certainly not out of the TV. The price would also be ridiculous. Overall i think it's all really dumb lol.

Chris3992699d ago

2 monitors, 3 HDTVs and not a single issue with any of them. Not to mention that their aesthetics are gorgeous. Btw, this kinda shows all the haters that 3D is here to stay. They were demoing auto-stereoscopic sets back in 2007/2008, so I don't know why anyone is surprised by this.

The Meerkat2699d ago

I'd only every buy Samsung or LG

jaredhart2699d ago

Got to broaden your horizons.

TruthBTold2699d ago

I love samsung but I am trying out vizio for a small room. The design is very nice for the price so I am hopeful the quality is just as good.

tommyth3cat2698d ago

Nothing wrong with LG, Samsung is always overpriced though.

IcarusOne2698d ago

My new Viera is treating me very well.

ReBurn2698d ago

Samsung is my brand of choice now. I'll never own another Vizio.

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emekcrash2699d ago

Samsung makes THE best TVs.

IcarusOne2698d ago

And Panasonic makes Pioneer plasmas now.

PS3n3602698d ago

I only buy samsung tvs. Last time I checked
Samsung made the panels for Sony LCD tv's so I am guessing that sony has equally impressive displays.

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