The Worst Dick Moves Ever Pulled on Developers by Gamers

Gamers have a nasty habit of biting the hands that feed them. Don't believe It? Ponder these colossally boneheaded gamer behaviors, ripped right from the pages of history.

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scar202796d ago

This is old read it a few weeks ago.

Racso_SF_892796d ago

I gotta say I love your avtars, but i hope is because u love girls so much and you get to have some at least once in a while and not you're not just a horny teenager

scar202795d ago

Dude i've had a gf for 3 years i don't think that makes me a horny teenager and i'm 21 by the way.

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gillri2796d ago

most of the 'dicks' are PC gamers....just an observation

dalibor2795d ago

Pull back, broaden your view and you will realize a**holes are abundant, not only in gaming but... around the world actually. How we treat animals, gamers online, earth and even other humans.

Sony3602795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Most snobby, snide, delusional comments are made by PS3 gamers.

Just an observation.

Ducky2796d ago

That was quite a well-written article.
Haven't had a good read like that in a while.

theEx1Le2796d ago

I agree, its actually quite refreshing on here :D.
But the point that really got me on how self-centered gamers can be was the humble indie bundle, i mean 25% of all the downloads were illegal, for a game that cost a PENNY. Says it all really

Dark_king2795d ago

they were not illegal just never bought a key I doubt they all downloaded a keygen to play the game those that did use a keygen are dicks though.

Celeras2795d ago

TLDR: Pirates are bad. Anti-piracy article disguised as a gaming piece.

Sony3602795d ago

TLDR: "I fit into nearly every category of dick in this article"

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The story is too old to be commented.