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Get a Windows Phone 7 on AT&T + Xbox 360 Game for Only $0.01

If you haven’t heard, Microsoft is offering a free Xbox 360 game (up to a $60 value) when you purchase a Windows Phone 7. What you might not have heard is that you can get a Windows Phone 7 for only one penny! Come again? That’s right, $0.01!!! (Mobile, Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360)

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wwm0nkey  +   1619d ago
WP7 is actually really damn good.....im tempted lol
SeNiLesBack  +   1619d ago
I really like mine!! Wish I waited a few months for this deal though.

Sent from my Windows Phone 7
Saga Kin   1618d ago | Spam
Software_Lover  +   1618d ago
I actually got mine for free
Samsung Focus from wirefly.com. Then I went on ebay and bought a 32gb micro sd card for 55.00. 40 gigs of memory and Im good to go.
motherboop  +   1618d ago
Extremely unfair to us early adopters, Microsoft. Just saying.
Max Power  +   1618d ago
That is the price of getting it before most people.
motherboop  +   1618d ago
actually, I wouldn't expect such practice for a phone that has barely been available for 5 weeks. Adopters from last month should not have been left out, no excuses.
Kurylo3d  +   1617d ago
motherboop.. your just a hater... Who are you to dictate such things. They do this stuff to get more people interested in their phone.. not to get people who already have the phone interested some more.

where is your logic? Thats like saying put a commercial on television and spend the money doing it... so that people who already bought the product could feel good that they have the product.
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Elven6  +   1618d ago
This seems to be more of a network/retailer promotion as were the others, but that's not to say Microsoft is left out.

It should be expected that such phone deals would occur around this time of the year. Even Android had some crazy deals recently through Amazon. Things like 2 for $50 and such.
stiggs  +   1618d ago
Should have waited...
It really sucks (for me) to see all these great offers after having paid $230 (phone + upgrade fee/tax) for a Windows 7 phone a little more than a montha ago. The sales associate even tried to get me to pay the full $400 price because he said that I "wasn't eligible for an upgrade".
Windows Phone 7 is terrific and I don't regret the purchase but it stings a bit to find out that the early adopters are getting left out of these deals.
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SeNiLesBack  +   1618d ago
I paid about the same day 1 and do regret it since I would have paid that much for any other smartphone but as you said, it does sting a bit. I did get my wife a deal when it dropped to $50, but a week later it dropped to a penny, now this, LOL.

The wife is addicted to Flowers and loving her new Focus, so its all good.
user8397144  +   1618d ago
Why would I switch from the awesome Motorola Droid 2 to wp7? so they can abandon it like kin?
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stiggs  +   1618d ago
MrSancho1...man, that was a knee slapper.
Perhaps if you tried a Windows 7 phone then you wouldn't be so fast with the snarky and uninformed comments. I've shown my Samsung Focus Windows 7 phone to a lot of people (iPhone & Android users) and ALL of them have been very impressed with the device. Many have even admitted to having a bit of tech envy and are seriously considering switching to the Windows 7 platform. Sorry to burst your bubble but Microsoft is in the for the long haul.
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user8397144  +   1618d ago
Well I have tried it at AT&T and I can do everything in my Droid and way more. With Thousands of free apps why would I even bother with WP7.
Kran  +   1618d ago
you realised there are two seperate offices for both items.

One for Kinect and one for WP7
stiggs  +   1617d ago
No one said that you have to switch to a Windows 7 phone. You're obviously happy (a bit too happy...how's that Koolaid?) with you Android phone. You should have mentioned in your first post that you "tried" a Windows Phone 7 in a store. That type of in-depth analysis certainly qualifies you to make an impartial judgement on the device. Its funny though, I would think that someone like yourself with so much experience using a Windows Phone would know that there area already about 1000 free apps in the marketplace with more added each day.
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awiseman  +   1618d ago
Droid and Eve r bettar, Gayt&t suks, ms shud hav put wp7 on the other networks.
Arup02  +   1618d ago
Even i not being from the USA, i can spell better than you lol
Gamerfans  +   1618d ago
I swear M$ is so desperate at times that they give away their products for free. they dont worry about sales (endless pocket) only numbers and love to brag.
SeNiLesBack  +   1618d ago
It does seem a little desperate but its all good if they get enough adopters to stick with WP7, that way they will show the phone off and others will Jump In. I have a few friends just waiting for their contracts to end to make the switch.

The more people to jump in the better. It will be around longer. I believe Microsoft is in it for the long haul, so not worried about them dropping support.

Edit: And its not like you can't get an Android phone for a penny. Amazon Wireless has plenty. Look on the Home page, http://tinyurl.com/amazonwi...
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stiggs  +   1617d ago
Gamerfans. Desperate trolling...
I'm not trying to start a console war but every company has its share off "deep-discount" promotions. Sony is currently giving away a PS3 if you buy certain Sony branded TVs. They also are in the midst of multiple promotions in which a retailer (Amazon, Best But, Target, Wal-Mart) will give you a $100 gift certificate if you buy a PS3. THAT is a great promotion (I picked up 2 as gifts) but it does seem a bit "desperate" as you put it. Don't you think?
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Stryfeno2  +   1618d ago
Im in the market for a new phone and I'm wondering which WP7 from AT&T is the best?
Software_Lover  +   1618d ago
Depends on what you are looking for
The Samsung focus has the best display out of all of the phones available. I put it up there with the Iphone 4 display. The Surround, of course, has the best speakers.

I chose the focus because I like samsung, and that screen just pops out at you. The other phones come with more memory though. But that was a sacrifice I could make because I knew I was getting a memory card anyway.

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