Gran Turismo 5 Patch 1.03 Causing Major Problems?

NowGamer investigates early reports that the mechanical damage 1.03 patch for Gran Turismo 5 has been causing system instability in some cases, causing users' car collections to wipe. NowGamer will follow up this story later today with comment from Sony.

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Shanks2905d ago

Nope, you're just trying to get hits.

LukaX232905d ago

Agreed with Shanks. Everything is A-OK here.

fastrez2905d ago

I think you'll find that the article states that a minority of cases have found this problem.

*awaits immature disagrees*

morganfell2905d ago Show
pixelsword2905d ago

How about actually researching BEFORE writing an article?

DigitalAnalog2905d ago

"It's all part of the vast conspiracy against Sony."

There is no conspiracy, just plain fanboyism in the media. And if you think they don't exist, then that thought process is more ridiculous than your conspiracy theory.

-End of Line

Jack Meahoffer2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

"There is no conspiracy, just plain fanboyism in the media. And if you think they don't exist, then that thought process is more ridiculous than your conspiracy theory."

What thought process? What's the motive to pick on poor Sony?

It seems to me (and no one on N4G has elaborated) that the Sony fanboy thought process works like this:

1. Site has opinion I disagree with
2. They must be bias (no evidence other than opinion you don't like)
3. Profit? Sony is a victim and so am I by extension.

This childish martyr syndrome has targeted mainsteam sites like Wall Street Journal and Motley Fool that clearly have NO MOTIVE to be biased yet Sony fanboys repeat claims of bias without ANYTHING to back it up and you don't want to be called out on it.

Layout a case for why you feel the way you do rather than hiding behind the mob with mass disgrees. It'd give you a lot more credibility and would make you all look less like crying children that just didn't get their way.

yewles12905d ago

XD You're one to type, complaining about complainers, and yet trying to smother evidence yourselves. LMAO!!!

Jack Meahoffer2905d ago

@ yewles1

Pointing out Sony fanboy logic fails do not make me a 360 fanboy anymore than I'd be NASA for disagreeing with a moron saying the moons made of cheese.

Idiocy is idiocy it just so happens that Sony fanboys like to go beyond blind favoritism of "my platform is better than yours" that normal fanboys are known for and instead go into every game journalist is biased and every third party developer is lazy.

That's a huge difference. Clearly blind brand loyalty is annoying but innocent. Running around crying victim of bias every time somone says something you don't like without backing it up is just childish mouth running garbage that you all should be ashamed of rather than encourage.

GuyManDude2905d ago

I myself downloaded the update today and have been experiencing a few hiccups (4 actually).

First I upgraded my Murcielago Superveloce with weight reduction stage 2, tried to go back to the main career screen and the game hung at the GT logo.

Second, I restarted the game, did the upgrade, did the Lamborghini race in Rome, then when I tried to leave the event finished screen (with times, replay options) the game once again got stuck on the GT logo.

Third, I booted up and didn't get a cursor for the opening menu (Career, Arcade, Options, etc.)

Fourth, I booted up and it got stuck on "Gran Turismo".

I wanna drive my Lambo and buy an Audi R8 already!


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gamesaregood2905d ago

No I defiantly agree it is causing me major problems, well not exactly the patch but the game is causing me to play hours on hours of this game till me hands get sore.


visualb2905d ago


for every positive GT5 article there must be 3.5 negative ones

2905d ago
Vherostar2905d ago

Ah as if the bad reviews for stupid reasons wasn't enough they have to lie about stuff now.. You know when you got a big AAA exclusive when 360 fans start making lies like this.. The same thing happened with the firmware causing YLOD articles we had soon as PS3 started to outsell 360 worldwide (after it came out in EU).

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ForzaGT2905d ago

no it isn't, this is just flamebait

RememberThe3572905d ago

Nowgamer isn't "investigating" shit. These guys are so damn hit and miss.

fastrez2905d ago

They said they're waiting for a reply from Sony. No proof either way, but why do you assume they're lying?

Not defending them, but just curious.

sashimi2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

If they are just going to ask Sony...why bother writing about this b4 actually getting an answer(writing about a rumor lol tabloids for sure)...although i can already imagine Sonys response
Sony: We are unaware of any such problems at the moment but nothing is perfect with technology.

EDIT: don't they have GT5 and a Ps3 to test this out? i really lol @ these so called sites who always have to ask developers/platform holders b/c they can't simply pop in a game and find out themselves.

RIP_Weazel2905d ago

"Nowgamer isn't "investigating" shit."
Nope, they're making this shit up and trolling for hits.

TerrorCell2905d ago ShowReplies(1)
sulphury2905d ago

gahhhhh i cant connect to gt5 server anymore!

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