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Make Out The Blur! Its Gotta Be Starhawk!?

ISM: It's pretty obvious now that Dylan Jobe and his team over at LightBox Interactive, who were part of the Incognito team that created Warhawk, are working on its sequel which has been teased but not officially announced for far too long. (PS3, Starhawk, Warhawk)

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LORD-PHOENIX  +   1611d ago
please dont be out till 2012
seriously, games already on my list-

Killzone 3
Infamous 2
Resistance 3
The Last Guardian
Team ICO Collection
Motorstorm: Apacalypse
mass effect 2

and TWISTED METAL which is sort of like starhawk in the terms of a MMO battle game. seriously i know people joke about it but it really is too many games next year

if this is announced at VGA'S which seems likely this and twisted metal in one year seems kinda stupid.
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Bolts  +   1611d ago
Thats all you got? There are plenty of time to play all of those games. Try being a multiplat gamer with all these crazy Steam sales out there. If I try to finish all the games that I currently HAVE I might starve to death.
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showtimefolks  +   1611d ago
i am upto date
now till 2010 so now i have to play all the games coming next which i like

dues ex
infamous 2
resistance 3
ratchet all 4 one
batman 2

just to name a few

than there is dead space 2

and many many more
Close_Second  +   1611d ago
I'm not a Fanboy but Steam can take a big flying leap. You can't do gaming on a PC nowadays without Steam sticking its nose in.

Why should I have t play games like Civ-V via steam when I purchased a legit copy on DVD.
LORD-PHOENIX  +   1611d ago
@fanboi thats just for my ps3
im also getting gears3..havnt got steam which i guess is a blessing for my wallet
visualb  +   1611d ago
so fanboi....what happens if you have steam and a PS3?

*your mind explodes*

yeah thought so...go starve leave us be.
showtimefolks  +   1611d ago
we all know someone at sony studios are working on this
uncharted 3
eight days
syphon filter 5
japan studio new game
GG games new IP after KZ# since they already confirmed it

these are the titles besides the 10-15 already announced exclusives


i agree and i don't think anything that will be announced sonn won't be out till 2012 just because 2011 doesn't need more games from SONY ATLEAST besides all the exclusives there will be some great 3rd part titles too in 2011

Thecraft1989  +   1611d ago
eight days

Both where canceled for home all the people working on the project have gone work on other things.


CVG states that "A Sony UK representative assured CVG that both titles had been "completely cancelled", and so will not be rescued from the bin at a later date."
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Hideo_Kojima  +   1611d ago
They are not cancelled they were put on Hold until Home and Eye Pet were done and dusted...

Eyepet got the Move patches and Home only needs a small team from now on so they will be releasing the games soon.

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dead_eye  +   1611d ago
I hope so eight days looked awesome years ago.
marioPSUC  +   1611d ago
None of my friends liked Warhawk, I for one loved it, it was so much fun, been waiting for a long time for them to announce a sequel
vickers500  +   1611d ago
You need new friends.
Rikuson1  +   1611d ago
No 1 wants starhawk more than me..
Masterchef2007  +   1611d ago
There will be some pretty big announcements but now nothing has been really confirmed yet
I_C_PEE  +   1611d ago
I find it highly unlikely Sony would just drop The Getaway PS3 into the dust bin to be forgotten about.
One of the PS2's most highly rated titles will surely make its way onto PS3. It's just a matter of when.
Not sure about the development of 8 Days but the Getaway was one of my most memorable experiences on PS2.
Call_me_Ishmael  +   1610d ago
i like it when a good game comes out with better sequals,2011
is gonna rock on the ps3.
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Dark-Cloud4  +   1610d ago
i don't care if you people don't have money to buy all the exclusives but i want more then 15 exclusive in 2011 !! i want it in 2011 !!! you can't buy it in 2011 then don't buy it but alots of people want it now because they are waiting for this for along time !! they don't want to wait for you to have money to buy it , im already bored of the ps3 !! i want alots of games !! i hope they release ps4 in 2013 ..

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