NASCAR the Game 2011 Interview (Gameplaybook)

Gameplaybook sits down with Eutechnyx's Gregg Baker to talk about Activision's forthcoming NASCAR game.

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JacobIsHollywood2756d ago

I'm not a NASCAR fan, but as a car enthusiast, I can't help but be excited for NASCAR fans.

ECM0NEY2756d ago

Yeah i cant wait to turn left over and over again virtually!!!!

ultramoot2756d ago

"YEEEEHAW! We're gonna be runnin' fast and turnin' to the left sometimes."

"F**K you, Danica Patrick. You dumb bitch think I can't steer left better than you?"

NASCAR The Game 2011 - For the poor and stupid.(Free Vagisil sample inside)

FishCake9T42756d ago

South Park ownz

Faztkiller2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Can't wait hate to support Activision but this is a must have for me

To bad its only 16 player online was wishing for 43

DeadlyFire2756d ago

PC version is being developed separately for later release. PC bonus = more players. 43 players online I am betting. Maybe more technical as well. I hope for a Sierra/Papyrus style PC Nascar game.

Unfortunately 16 player online is the norm for PS3/X360 Nascar games. At some point it will go up, but noone knows when. Nascar isn't the only racing game with low player count for online racing. I don't think any racing game goes beyond 16 players for the consoles.