Video game puts bounty hunters on the trail that could wipe out the stag beetle

With their shiny black shells, twitching legs and spiky black antlers, stag beetles are an unlikely item on a list of highly prized luxuries.

But now a rare breed is in danger of being hunted to extinction – not for use in oriental medicine but for the entertainment of six-year-old video game players in Japan.

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monkey6023609d ago

170 pounds for a beetle that is crazy!

iceice1233609d ago

Is weird, just because it's in an arcade game they have to have them as pets?

N4GayFanturds3609d ago

how much would they pay for a kock-a-roach, eh?

ShiftyLookingCow3609d ago

this is the weirdest story I have read today

Schmitty073609d ago

Japanese people are weird

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