Xbox LIVE Arcade - a Digital Rights Management Disaster

Xbox LIVE Arcade's fairly extreme digital rights management (DRM) measures are in place to prevent all kinds of unauthorised content sharing, but when you're selling hardware as unreliable as the Xbox 360, the process to set yourself up on a new machine, and have the same access to your previously-purchased content has to be simple, quick and fair. At the moment, none of these can be said of XBLA.

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bung tickler4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

well i do favor the 360, if you look at my past posts its easy to see that, but this is a legitimate problem. i HATE this as well. currently i HAVE to be connected to live in order to play any arcade games, use any downloaded content for games like oblivion, or use any of my themes or gamerpics... it's really quite retarded. i did call them once after my 1st 360 crapped out on me and they refunded me my points so i could rebuy all my crap with a new account on the new box thus letting me use the stuff offline... however shortly after that... the new 360 died... and now i'm back where i started. i didn't call again cuz it's a big pain in the ass. why you ask, well i'll tell you, when they refunded me my points, and it was a lot mind you, they gave me lots of 100MP codes, each code being a 25 digit code which they said they could NOT simply email to me, so some tech guy who i could hardly understand (english was not his first language) had to read off the codes over the phone to me. honestly it took over an hour... and then i had to go enter in the codes one by one... also a long and painful ordeal.. so yeah it sucks, yes it's a problem, yes it needs to get fixed. all they need to do is lock the crap to the gamertag... no need to lock it to the hardware AND gamertag AND have to be online, thats just dumb.

DJ4097d ago

My experience with PSN is that once your account pays for something, you have the right to re-download that game/game content 5 times without being charged. I thought Microsoft had the same system in place since it's a carbon copy of iTunes in that respect (which is a good thing). I can't help but wonder why Microsoft, a company that usually works hard for ease-of-use, didn't apply that philosophy to XBLA.

bung tickler4097d ago

@DJ well i can redownload the stuff as much as i want i just HAVE to be connected to live to use it.

Super Famicom4097d ago

Why would objectively pointing out a legitimate problem cause a flamewar? Oh yeah, this is The Internet!

Geewhizz4097d ago

That is interesting. Anything you download? So, say you downloaded a machine gun mod for oblivion (stupid I know but it would be fun!), can you only use it when connected? Why?

bung tickler4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

yes i could only use it when connected or the game wont see it, its that way cuz that how ms says it has to be i dont know why though. i can be singed into my account but not online and no horse armor for me, if im online hurray for horse armor. same thing with themes. if im signed into my account but not online i get the default background, if im connected my gears of wars emergence day theme comes up. stupid i know but thats how it is if you are not on the original 360 that the content was downloaded on.

The Snake4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

You could use it all you want while not connected, but only as long as you play on the same console that originally paid for it. If your system breaks and you get a new one, you must be connected to XBLK any time you want to use it. This is only the case with paid content. Free content is playable on any console, whether connected or not.

Funny. I answer a question that was asked 7 hours ago and my reply gets beaten by 1 minute. Well, I suppose you were the one the question was directed to.

rbanke4097d ago

I am a ps3 and Wii owner, I would like to say that I am sick of the tone of most of the so called 'news' posted on this site. How does 'but when you're selling hardware as unreliable as the Xbox 360' add anything to a story? It's the same with nearly everything on this site, the stories are usually full of poor spelling, biased tone, and/or completely void of real news. So I ask, is their any sites out there that don't fall into this trap? I'm sure there has to be a game news site out their for those of us who aren't so concerned with hoping a console fails and another succeeds. In the world of gaming, all game machines available are a good thing, it means we have more variety.

crck4097d ago

because if the machines weren't breaking down on everyone this DRM issue would never come up. Its only a problem when your system breaks down and you get a new one from a store warranty or you got screwed during MS's 6 month window of denial (time period of launch system warranties expiring and when MS finally extended the RROD warranty to 3 years).

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