Xbox modding may be Fair Use, rules judge

GamesRadar: "Great news for anyone who likes tampering with their game consoles came out of a federal court today. The judge in a high-profile Xbox modding case has allowed use of the argument that altering the device in your own home fits into the long-defined Fair Use legal doctrine."

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ravinash2957d ago

For the fair use argument:

If its your own Xbox and you want to mod it, then fairs fair.
Your void the warrenty and its stuffed, then its your own fault.

However if people are paying you to mod their xboxes...then its not your, its not fair use and you should be guilty.

As for modding in general.
Their usally doing that to rip off games and not pay the devs, and that is illegal. So by all accounts, he should end up in jail.

rodeoo2957d ago

@ ravinash

Sorry to contradict your extensive knowledge on legal procedure and rulings.....the JUDGE disagrees

ddelella2957d ago

If the precident holds and "modding" is considered legal there is nothing than says it will be any better than it is now. Make backups of games you own is still legal. Playing games you do not own is illegal. Changing the internal firmware could get you banned from XBL as part of their TOS. I still don't see the benefit of tying to get away with it. Its not like the original Xbox or Wii where you can load emulators and load games from a USB HDD.

rodeoo2957d ago

Get your facts straight. There are tons of emulators for jtaged 360's and you can load game off your hard drive as well.

Cyrus3652956d ago

Doubt this will stand...