Capcom TGS Lineup: Both PS3 & 360 Devil May Cry 4 Playable, Not Resident Evil 5

Capcom Japan has opened a Tokyo Game Show event page, detailing the games that will be on display at its booth when the show kicks off in late September.

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MK_Red4072d ago

Capcom should have announced DMC4 only for PS3 and 360. PC version is becoming more of a joke, no demo, no show, no talk. WTH did they announce it for PC in the first place? DMC3 didn't sell much on PC.

They should have announced RE4 for PC instead, seeing all main RE games including RE3 and RE4 have been released on PC and have a small fanbase PC owners.

Rooted_Dust4071d ago

The PC version of DMC3 was a joke too. You couldn't even navigate the main menu with a mouse, you had to use a gamepad. It was like playing on a crappy emulator. Games like DMC just don't belong on PC.

SuperSaiyan44072d ago

This kind of game is more suited to a console rather than a PC as its well just a games console kinda game in general.

Res Evil makes more sense to be on a PC as well considering the view in which you aim etc and in general how it plays.

When is Capcom releasing the upto date movies of DMC4 though? I hope the game looks better than the previous vids.

Rooted_Dust4071d ago

That's only if they design the game for mouse support. They didn't do it for RE4. Modders had to make a fix so you could use the mouse to play.

BloodySinner4071d ago

Why would anyone play Devil May Cry on the PC? Man...

[email protected]4071d ago

Cuz it's more easy to find this days...
*cough*Torrent*cough*I*cough* Hate*cough*It*cough*

xionpunk4071d ago

Ah devil may cry. The first will always be the best. Hopefully we get to play as Dante at some point in DMC4.I'm tired of seeing him get his ass kicked by that Nero punk in all the trailers.