5 motion gaming devices before the Kinect

Microsoft is claiming that their motion-sensing Kinect is the next big thing in gaming, but they are not the first ones to tread this territory. While it may have been beaten by the Wii’s remote and Sony’s light-up lollipop, motion gaming goodness has been with gamers for decades.

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domo3252780d ago

The eyetoy was great IMO. I guess it was ahead of its time; same goes to the Activator as well.

chickenbutt2780d ago

Eyetoy was fun when I first got it :)
Still have mines, but don't use it anymore =/

NecrumSlavery2780d ago

No love for 360 VisionCAM?

D0UbleF_2780d ago

EyeToy has same response time, same technology as Kinect.
Only difference is HD and not HD.
- Kinect fails.

It just hasn't got Voice Recon. which wasn't required, and actually is a dumb feature to make the Kinect sound cooler..

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