With Kinect and Move, Microsoft and Sony battle for different gamers

SeatllePI: We'll see which motion system -- the Kinect or Move -- wins over more gamers. But it's likely that the people who buy Kinect or Move will be buying them for different reasons. Some people will want to hold a motion controller for more precise gameplay; some people will want the freedom to run and jump and dance uninhibited.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

''Microsoft is going all-out to grab the attention of new casual gamers. Sony is doing what it normally does -- enticing traditional gamers -- this time with a motion controller for a new series of Move-optimized games including shooter, sports, dance and music titles.''

Both Companies are going to get the attention of the Casual Audience.

But only Sony is taking the attention of the Core Audience as you can see in the line up of games for PS Move.

I am wrong?

Agent-862785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

"But for some reason I found myself, a few days after my initial awe, not caring as much. I'd get home from work and, instead of powering up my Xbox to play some of my exciting new Kinect test games, I'd revert back to watching "The X-Files" via Netflix on my PlayStation 3."

I bet this will be the reaction from a lot of people, once the glow from the hype wears off; Kinect will be the newest gimmick that ends up collecting dust.

Cratos87802784d ago

Kinect will soon be collecting dust like the millions of Wii's

GamingGamer2785d ago

Kinect is obviously for casual
While Move is for casual/hardcore.

I really dont understand why sales matters to fanboys... we never talk about Wii sales and we never argue Wii is better than PS/Xbox.

Because there is no good games on Wii...

Even if Kinect does really well, Xbox has only 1 exclusive coming out next year compared to PS3 13 exclusives...

As a xbox owner, i am against this whole casualization of xbox.and i would never understand why xbox fanboys are so happy with MS abandoning hardcore

JackBNimble2785d ago

Just give it a few months and we'll see if they're still happy with MS.

blackburn52784d ago

I just want to play Move in peace. If people would lay off the Move, I would be more then happy to let them play Wii and Kinect in peace. Let me have fun my way and I will let you have fun yours. But like I told someone before,if you want a fight then I have no problem fighting back.