Should I KINECT with it or not?

That’s the question I have right now. Kinect is the new camera-slash-voice command-slash-controller-slash -thing-that-will-sit-on-top-you r-TV-next-to-the-Wii-bar-slash- addition to the growing Xbox family. The point of Kinect is to eliminate the use of controllers for some games and make it “easier” to navigate through the menus. But should I get it?

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Active Reload2662d ago

The reason I'm waiting to get one is because my living space wouldn't accomodate it at the moment. Also, I'm not interested in the games for it. I had Wii at one point and the software I'm seeing for this device is the equivalent. Don't get me wrong Wii Sports is one of my favorite games, but I don't need to experience that type of fun again. I'll wait until I've moved to my new residence and hopefully but doubtfully they can bring something to the table that might appeal to me. If they would've had the whole Windows interface completely and seamlessly compatible with Kinect I'd probably would've bought one or pre-ordered it. One day though, I'm sure...

stealthyslyth2662d ago

I'm still on the fence about getting one. I'd like to see more titles or a price drop before I get mine.

darthv722662d ago

it is always the early adopters that get razzed for their choice. Waiting to see if there is something that appeals to you, nothing wrong with that.

What gets me is the ones that flat out discredit it just because.

xYLeinen2662d ago

You Kinect buyers.

What are you really playing now with this expensive toy? And don't say kinect animals.

THC CELL2662d ago

goto game they have the red ball game set up and a few other
the device looks good but plays crap

to buy now you are wasting 129.99

arragion2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

you should move or wii,.. or wait and buy MS made similar controller as move,.. (this MS venture will cost you a lot more money than initial price,.. if you want somewhat 'normal non eye-toy, motion gaming) they are so damn evil,.. they knew what can be done ,.. They must have,.. they are fucking thieves,.. that is all what I have to say about MS right now,..

Killed4Less2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Why the hell would I want to do that?? No thanks. No sale.

To get the same amount of players Move is more expensive and then let's not forget the nav controller. It's optional now but using your knucklehead Sony knob bobbing attitude they are fucking thieves! thieves I tell you!

Now go work 2 jobs like Sony tells you to.

arragion2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Same amount of players?,.. so what is the problem then,.. I think party and mini-games with friends will work great,..

I though,.. more like classic gaming,.. you need a controller,..
For like some super complex sp-mp games or mp shooters,..
Well bro,.. then I am sorry,.. If you want to play a bit more normal motion -non eye-toy games (like wii,Move),.. buy kinect ,.. and wait for MS made ''move'' like controller ,.. maybe they can do something with nub only,.. and buy that,..or they can use existing controller,.. that you hold in one hand for walking,.. at least,. and then point with your hand or something,..

arragion2662d ago

look you can to some sports stuff games and that,.. like that just released,.. no problem,..It will not be like accurate as move,.. You can have fun,..
You will not be playing ''motion like'' Zelda,.. or Resi or gears without '' motion like'' controller in ''motion like way'',.. I can tell you that,..

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