CAST TV: Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Review

CastTv: The first official review of Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect. The Kinect is Microsoft's iteration of the Sony Playstation Move or the Nintendo Wii. This review covers the dashboard experience.

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ryuzu2633d ago


Lolz at 1:44 is he break dancing heh


gigaware2633d ago

Must be mostly positive with a comment like that. I don't watch video reviews.

ryuzu2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Shame if you watch it you may save some money - I figured I'd leave it to others to say what the conclusion of this review was.

I can give you a clue though - I didn't get the impression he was so excited he was off to play with it some more lol.


gigaware2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Holy cow there are a lot of angry haters giving stealth disagrees staying up night and day 24/7 waiting in the background to monitor Kinect news and info.

zootang2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )


Why are you defending it? Did it look revolutionary to you? Looked like the same way you would use the PSEye. I'm guessing you are new to gaming.

hennessey862633d ago

when he says its having trouble seeing him did you notice he had a camera on a tripod covering his legs, know wonder the camera was struggling what a retard

lowcarb2633d ago

Why are you attacking it? He didn't say anything bad about it and looking at it you can tell it's far more advanced then Eyetoy,Move, and even Wiimote. This little gadget will be great for watching media. My only concern is what happened to the finger detection? I remember the videos where the guy was searching for movies on NEtflix so please tell me it will one day it will be added.

zootang2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )


How am I attacking it? I'm stating the obvious, look.

ChronoJoe2633d ago

It was negative. The closing comment was 'glorified eyetoy'.

Masamori Sumimura2633d ago

Nice to see people bashing a product that havent been on the market yet and judging Already like you've played Capcom's Steel batallion and Project Draco or Eden . I swear some of you guys call yourselves gamers but When i look at the comments lol most of you guys are Fanboys.

zootang2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

I swear when I see some of these comments you would think they were sheep with wads of cash. Should we not question?


I suppose, thanks. Would like that $500m spent on first party studios though.

darthv722633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

I believe they will be using the whole hand motion. Rather than using just a finger like turning pages in a book. They opted for the hand motion of left to right, right left.

As for them bringing it back. Maybe its possible. Updates to the software have been known to unlock or expand features that werent there before.

@chrono: yeah, like every system hasnt been a glorified update from something previous. PS3...glorified PONG.

@zoo: dont be so insecure. Kinect isnt changing how we play wii or ps3. Let it go.

AWBrawler2633d ago

More advanced than Wiimote? Funny! Wiimote even without Motionplus never made my character break dance and twist all up when I barely move. Face it, Kinect is going to have bad word of mouth floating around.

HolyOrangeCows2633d ago

LOL @ the navigation. It takes about 10 times longeer to get anywhere.

Face recognition sign in, dragging, holding hand in one spot for 5 seconds....all took much longer than the traditional way.

gigaware2633d ago

Ouch so many disagrees. So you're telling me PS3 fans are not selectively being morons and really think consumers will think Kinect will work with just a TV set? And the free game disc that comes with kinect listed on the box will be inserted in a HDMI port? LMAo

wanaraceu2633d ago

Looks like a pain in the ass atm. I would have to move my coffe table and chairs everytime i wanted to play and all the set up! the casual crowd just want somthing quick and easy to pick up and play. I have a feeling heaps of these will be returned.

With the move and wii 90% of the time dont have to move anything.

On the upside i think it is some realy good tec it will just have to get utalised properly

Dee_912633d ago

still dont see $100 worth of fun yet ..
its still awhile til christmas .. and my neice birthady in june
i just got a move and a nav controller i must say its fun.. i was comparing it to the wii lol
i always have fun at parties with my wii might start using the move instead tho when i get more games for it ... eventually.. sorecery and socom

Delicious Malicious2633d ago

Hey CronoJoe, Your moms a Glorified Eyetoy

inveni02633d ago


Did anyone else notice the Kinect tell the user to move everything out of the living/playing room? This is my complaint with Kinect. Not many people have the space to do that.

ChronoJoe2633d ago

Don't put your abusive @ comments at me. I just repeated what he said in the video review. Cause I actually watched it, unlike presumably the idiots who decided to retort with a personal attack.

pixelsword2633d ago

That was a pretty good review; it's potentially a good peripheral, but the ball's in Microsoft's court to make this go from good to great and be worth getting if you're not causal.

AAACE52633d ago

I hate to say it, but this guy is just not that smart!

I lost respect for his opinion once I saw he had the camera and tripod blocking his legs, which caused it to act goofy in that way! I understand he had some issues with it, I expected that, because nothing works perfectly with anything. But I can't help but wonder if some of the issues were from stupid mistakes like with the camera and tripod!

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FordGTGuy2633d ago

the ugly leg movements are because of the camera and tripod he was using to record the TV. It was also caused by the Kinect being to low for the guys height. He has moved it to 5 feet after the review and works better as far as he has said.

Christopher2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

The whole tripod placement completely ruins this overview of Kinect for me. Why didn't he just place the tripod and camera back and to the side a bit? Seeing the screen head on isn't that important when the result is a shoddy display of the product's capabilities.

Pennywise2633d ago

"know wonder the camera was struggling what a retard"

Honesty the irony is too much here.

yippiechicken2633d ago

Did that negate his point?

"Honesty the irony is too much here."

Honesty? I suppose that's not ironic, huh?

Scary692633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

I want a review of a person playing games using the freaking thing not a freaking set-up that cant detect him cause he was too tall? WTF and even then is was acting up, I will wait until a video review of someone ACTUALLY playing a game gets posted. This video was more a set-up video then a review.

lazysey2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Its funny that people are comparing this to the eyetoy, but you don't hear people comparing Move to the Wii controller. From my experience, Sports champion left me with the same taste that the Wii left me with wii sports. Ideally, it doesn't have its killer app yet, and Move has just as bad of a setup as every time you play a game you have to synchronize the controller every time you play. Sure it has hocus pocus pin-point accuracy, but thats just another gimmick just like Kinects lazy-free dashboard.

Also, it may be the same concept, but TOTALLY different technology. I will go out and buy an eyetoy right now and plug it into my PS3 and see if I can do everything everyone says it could do.

And XBOX 360 fanboys, you guys need to step up your game, I'm just wondering if any of you educated, because I see these know-it-all ps3 shitheads run all over you on N4G.

Graey2633d ago

watching this video posed a question. I'm not sure they guy set it up right. But say if it was set up properly. Should it have taken that long to go through all those menus and what not? Seems like a button press would have been faster, and less troublesome. Casual or not it just seems to take to long which would defeat the purpose right?

Death24942633d ago

and i quote: "...just a glorified eye motion camera, and we've already been there and seen that"

Burn!!!!!! Move cost me $50, Kinect cost's $150.

lazysey2632d ago

Ya don't forget the extra controllers, camera, and sub-controllers. But you wouldn't need that, because you play games alone in your dark, dark,

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Cloudberry2633d ago

Good video.

It shows me how Kinect would be used in the dashboard.

ryuzu2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

"It shows me how Kinect would be used in the dashboard."

You mean very slowly?

Really it would take an extremely lazy person to decide not to simply go get a controller and sit there waiting for second after every command for the 360 to do something....

@BELOW: I was talking about the voice option lol. You can't seriously suggest anyone would use the hand movement thing. haha.


Zir02633d ago

Hence why there is a voice option which works right away.

zootang2633d ago


"works right away" LOL

Cloudberry2633d ago

At least it gives us hints about pros & cons about Kinect + the dashboard.

Some things (cons) I noticed (at least...) from the video.

* The height of the player & Kinect's placing.

* The lighting in the area.

I never actually interested in Kinect, but I gotta say about this video, it's quite informative.

Dnied2633d ago

It really didnt work right away... watch the video lol

It struggled pretty hard with voice commands. Oh an like 25% of that video was probably loading/selecting interface items. lol

If the technology was ready for consumers, this video would have been recorded in under 3-4 minutes instead of 9

FordGTGuy2633d ago

Not once in the video did they repeat a command and every command was taken and worked. It was quite apparent he was doing it slowly on purpose so you could see how it worked.

Dnied2633d ago

No, not trolling, just stating observations.

I'm confused as to why "Xbox" never worked or did anything when he said it, or is that not a command cuz I thought it was.

And I'm not talking about it being slow movement, I know why he was moving slowly, I wasn't implying there was a recognition delay or anything I just think it took pretty long for the windows to load up a few times..

The new dashboard update I like quite a bit because it feels a bit more lightweight and all the windows are very responsive .. with a controller.. but this just seemed like it had some unnecessary waiting around.

FordGTGuy2633d ago

"Xbox" it opened the voice guide watch the video again.

EskiJoe2633d ago

When he says "Xbox" it means he can say a command next... for example "Xbox: next" - "Xbox: cancel" the options were visible on the bottom...

beardpapa2633d ago

seriously guys, i don't see how this [voice control] is a "minority report" type of control. It's slow and sluggish when compared to the traditional controller. Some of the parts like hovering the hand cursor over an item and waiting for the GUI to accept it looks very much like the EyeToy approach.

Lastly, I for one don't find it appealing having to move my things around just to enjoy this accessory. I remember the DDR pads. I had to move everything off so I can use them in front of the tv. After a play session, I moved everything back in place. It practically got to the point where I stopped playing it because it was just a hassle moving everything around each time. It is not easy moving lounge seats to the side just so I can move a heavy glass coffee table away to get enough room to play.

Triella2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

@ beardpapa

"Some of the parts like hovering the hand cursor over an item and waiting for the GUI to accept it looks very much like the EyeToy approach."

Exactly :

Dnied2633d ago

Ahhh gotcha, thanks..

I really didnt know that lol won't that get kind of annoying?

jack_burt0n2633d ago

bubs+ "when i'm cleaning windows" lmao very funny

Graey2633d ago

it seems rather slow to be revolutionary. Then again if voice thing works then you have a bit faster way of interaction. Still personally I would stay far away from it for 1 month. This is when all the press will come in.

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AceofStaves2633d ago

I'm interested in that application of the Kinect tech. I can't use it for gaming, but I'd definitely use it for menu navigation on my television if the tech made it into broader home electronics.

Graey2633d ago

i would say you wuold need some form of physical interaction. like a thumb and hand glove. like minority report.

rekof2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

bro sell it while you can,..

good vid though,..

Chubear2633d ago

@1:27, that's ALLL WIN! right there... wait a minute, where are all the people who over exaggerated Move calibration screens. Kinect has way way far longer calibration screens and I'm sorry the stuff they make you have to do just to play these simple mini game thingys is crazy to me.

You didn't have to do all that with the eyetoy at all.

redDevil872633d ago

Move calibration takes like 5 seconds, i was surprised by how quick it is

FordGTGuy2633d ago

Everytime you play, Kinect only needs calibrated once for each person.

pileobunnies2633d ago

My friend was part of the Kinect beta. He had to recalibrate that sucker a lot. It kept happening over and over.

Boody-Bandit2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

You just said yourself a few minutes ago under this very article that the guy had to move Kinect to a different height / position because of his size. So does this mean that every person has to put the device at a different position for their height, weight and distance from the camera?

I watched this video and all I saw was a cumbersome device with "some" potential but all which can be done much faster and easier with a "controller".

I am a guy that buys the latest and greatest of nearly any product. I am looking for anything to give me the urge to go pick this device up and the more I see the more I say to myself, move along there is nothing to see here.

Height, weight, lighting, clothing, calibration, move the furniture out to make room, shut the blinds, no not that much, okay shut that one and open the one to the left halfway, nobody talk or you will confuse it, blah, blah, blah and so on.

This device appears to need a dedicated room set up just right for proper use. Plug and play ability is why I left PC gaming and returned to consoles. This device is definitely not plug and play friendly. A controller is.

Pennywise2633d ago

If that helps you sleep at night.

The device will have to be calibrated a lot I am sure. Move you go at your own speed shoulder, waist, belt buckle. 2 seconds. Other games you aim at the camera and hold a button. Keep exaggerating Moves calibration and I will be here to correct you.

FordGTGuy2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

The camera will work at the tall height with everyone but in his house its a better idea to keep it high and not low.

Brutally you are making it way to complicated.

For one a gaming room should already not have sun light hitting the TV(its bad for the TV in the first place.) No matter what you wear it will work they just said that it might work better with clothing that doesn't match the background wall. If your buying this product you should have known you would need the open space to begin with. Weight has nothing to do with it.... Height is again a one time Calibration.

Simply you can put the Kinect in one spot that will work for everyone but it someone in your house is very tall putting it higher is the better choice.

The voice commands cannot get confused as you must say "Xbox" before a command. Its not that hard to figure it out.....

Whether or not its faster with a normal controller is irrelevant as being faster is not the point of the device. The point is that you don't need to look for a controller or have to be worried about whether or not its charged to interact with your console.


How is a exaggeration to say you have to do it every time when its true? Kinect at in the least remembers you and actually improves with you over time by learning your shape and movements.

insomnium2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

But there is no correcting these guys. You get disagreed to hell for stating the obvious since people on this website WANTS to be blind. They have the power too so no wonder all the ps3-supporters get debubbled around here.

It was fun up until Halo Reach launched. After that it's been blind pro x360 all day long. Day in day out. You know...the Halo effect as I like to call it.

All you x360 supporters out there who are reading: Enjoy your Kinect! You didn't ask for it but it sure as hell is here now.

GamingGamer2633d ago

it seems that you are just trolling...

Move calibration is very short...

less than 5 if you did it before.
for example, gladiator all you need is move it to your head and "click" and move it to your belly "click"

no waiting like you do for kinect.

Also, it seems that Kinect still has lagg/glitch and inaccuracy problem. just look at the skeletal tracking.

and Voice does not work very well even for native English speaker

beardpapa2633d ago

from this video, it is apparent that we now know how kinect will perform in a household.

So far, the device works when we have tested it in Macy's. You have to take into consideration that Macy's has it set up in an open area with ample room to move around.

Heisenberg2633d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself. Once you get over the novelty of it, it's far less functional and convenient than the alternative, a controller. Why people are buying this for the dashboard capabilities is beyond me, it's an undeniable step backwards in any regard, and the over the top room, lighting and positional requirements make this thing a headache to even watch someone else try to fumble around the dashboard with. But hey, what do I know, I'm just a fanboy.

ironmonkey2633d ago

maybe thats why move is so accurate and kinect is glitchy

Graey2633d ago is too fcking funny

I was thinking the exact same thing. But I would never buy this thing. Its too shoddy at the moment. Trust me give yourself 1 month exactly. Wait for the reviews...just wait.

1 Month.

To many variables in this thing.

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MonkeyBoy922633d ago

Personally based on this review i don't think i would have the patience for Kinect, I would just get frustrated. Although I haven't tried it yet so can't really complain.