Harley Quinn Concept Art shows off new outfit for Batman: Arkham City have some new Batman: Arkham City art featuring Harley Quinn.

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Godmars2902851d ago

And no, that doesn't sound wrong to me at all...

mac_sparrow2851d ago

Like the bear punch being the only good bit in the poor wicker man remake or John McLane having had enough of "that kung fu shit" it shouldn't be funny, but you just can't help but laugh.

I tested the John McLane episode on about 15 different people, all laughed then looked slightly guilty, and 4 of them were women.

Blaine2851d ago

I would never think a man hitting a non-violent woman, for any reason, is correct. But if a woman wants to get in the ring with a man, then she'll learn a couple fundamental differences between the sexes the hard way, and she'll deserve it.

There's a reason why men and women are separate in sports.

Again though, hitting a woman for any reason, other than self defense, is bad and the perpetrator should be swiftly beat down by a bigger man.

mac_sparrow2851d ago

I'm not for the hitting of women either, in fact it's something I've never done, even when one took off her arm and hit me round the head with it.

Mind you, gave me a great insight into her brother who could talk a lot of shit, but when given some back got his sister with a fake arm to fight his battles. Plus it makes a good story to see people's wtf faces ;)

Corepred42851d ago

sorry but if a girl deserves to be smacked. SMACK!

lzim2851d ago

slap and tickle.. hmm that would make the game much more interesting.

ilikestuff2851d ago

i hide out in that bat cave annnnnytime

toaster2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

I..... can't see it. Just me? :/


Link it! There's a space where the pic should be but I don't see anything.

Nihilism2851d ago

working for me... maybe your cable too has run out of internets?

kratos1232851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

sorry bro dont go much to the forums

but toaster im also not seeing it

toaster2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Kratos I know your family got all fucked up and you had to slice up some bitches but you full on mad bro. Chill out, he was just joking :P referring to a post I made in the forums.

I for one find his comment hilarious.

But really.. I can't see the pic.

UltimateIdiot9112851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Here is the direct link to the image. It's a png file.

OT -
If they have an artbook for this game. I want it.

HarryBarry2851d ago

Can't hot link these images sorry. The image has been re-hosted and it seems to have fixed the original issue.

RandomGamer2851d ago

No wonder Joker is always smiling,I would to hanging around with Harley Quinn all the time.

TheTwelve2851d ago

Too bad he beats her.


Godmars2902851d ago

And tries to kill her when she does jokes that are better than his.

Though i guess it should be pointed out that he only "tries."

TheLastGuardian2851d ago

Harley Quinn was the only thing I liked about Arkham Asylum.

HarryBarry2851d ago

Not sure why there was an issue with viewing the image but I have re hosted it on a different server, hopefully that fixes things.

toaster2851d ago

Ahh thanks, I can see it now. Good art! She looks like she's able to do more acrobatics and looks way more athletic than in the first game.

Blaine2851d ago

*searches N4G history...*

Waitaminute--who's this site trying to fool? They showed us Quinn's new look almost two months ago! The very same site, trying to pass off information they showed us two months ago as new... O_o

HarryBarry2851d ago

Concept art image is new.

Blaine2851d ago

concept art comes before in-game screenshots...

HarryBarry2851d ago

In development yes. In terms of releasing material to the public concept art can come before or after in game screenshots.

TheGameFoxJTV2851d ago

Different images are different. Can't you tell?

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