Patch Alert: MAG v2.02

MAG is getting up update v2.02

Fixes problem with PS Move and parachuting, now you wont be stiff as a board when you're parachuting in.

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darkdoom30002735d ago

Nice, parachuting "bug" was innoying. made it easy for snipers to pick off people.

raztad2735d ago

I hope the sensitivity fixes dont screw my stuff. I have been doing pretty good in MAG (with MOVE) for some time already.

meehanprime2735d ago

Also glad that it has been patched. Now want to get the PS move rifle accessory and parachute in. Would be cool!

showtimefolks2735d ago

right when they release the 2.0 patch. But for some reason i could not enjoy it as much as when i played the beta/demo. Too many people were staying far and sniping or throwing gernades and running away.

after playing KZ2 the heavy feel for gameplay is what i feel good with so i can not waite for KZ3 in 2011 and hopefully resistance 3 in 2012 with online co-op like resistance 2 that was a blast to play.

but i am glad mag is doing good sales wise because zippers really did a great job

Dark-Cloud2735d ago

bubble for u because u like the heavy gameplay in killzone 2 :) not alots of people like it because it's hard :) ... i love hard games :P

khellendros12735d ago

I've been playing MAG for the last couple of months. I went back to Killzone 2 the other day and got destroyed, lol. I love MAG but [email protected], Killzone 2 is intense.

FragGen2735d ago

KZ2 MP was massively underrated. I loved the campaign but was shocked at how fun the MP was.

N4Great2735d ago

Call of noobs, or xfanboys are disagreeing with your facts guys :)

Joni-Ice2735d ago

So happy. Ive tried MAG with the PS Move but could not find the right look sensitivity. Hopefully its fixed.

Elvfam5112735d ago

I sucked with Move hopefully this helps lol

asyouburn2735d ago

i odnt play with it personally, but a buddy of mine has been beasting it up with move

Elvfam5112735d ago

Yeah still cant find the right thing for it

FragGen2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

You know, I love the Move but it is really not a great FPS controller, IMHO.

I think I'm going to continue to try to get along with it in MAG because I've got both and it's sort of different and unique but some of the talk about move and FPSs, especially from Zipper, is hyperbole based on my experience.

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The story is too old to be commented.