Game Infomer reviews Warhawk - "Better Than We Hoped For"

Participate in some insane battles in this multiplayer-only battle royale. With this much going on during a fight, it's not surprising that something had to take a hit. You've certainly seen a lot better, particularly on your PS3. The constant explosions and warhawks flying past your head hit the spot. Some vehicle controls take a few minutes to get used to, but everything works great once you master the unique handling.

Final Score : 8.25

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timmyp534124d ago

A game like Halo illustrates just how much fun a man-versus-vehicle battle can be. After all, watching some hapless rookie bounce off the fender of a Warthog is what online gaming is all about. Now, imagine the thrill you can derive from seeing a soldier feverishly scampering across a bridge only to get rammed by a plane clocking in at Mach 4. With the sun blotted out by aerial dogfights and the terrain littered with smoldering tanks, Warhawk delivers vehicular mayhem with a thunderous bang. Each vehicle is fitted with an explosive payload, and offers controls so precise that you can spin a warhawk through a tiny gap between two buildings. To top it off, the balance between these units is exactly where it needs to be, pushing for player skill over brute force. As brilliant as the vehicles are, great thrills also stem from the base defenses, which really ups the intensity for capture the flag and territories battles. The lengthy climb up the ranking ladder ensures that players will be locked into this stellar game for a long time.

Im thinking ill be playing this as much or more than i did resistance

Loudninja4124d ago

Goes to show you thta, you show wait for reviews

Bazookajoe_834124d ago

They just keeps rowling in =)

Real gamer 4 life4124d ago

WOw what a interesting turn of event. Now everyone is praising this game. I guess it a must buy now.

ALIEN4124d ago

The only thing that this game doesn't offer is the single player option. It's been getting alot of good reviews.

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The story is too old to be commented.