No Added Sugar Day 1 Review: Super Meat Boy will reduce you to tears but you'll play through it

This year's best indie title? Mark and James undergo the pain and pleasure of Team Meat's tour de force.

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mcullin2973d ago

The Dark World levels are pretty much making me pull my hair out at this stage. Don't think it's a game I'm going to be able to complete 100%.

Jaybad542973d ago

The 100% achievement is only 20G. Surely thats the worst difficulty to points ratio of ALL TIME. Love this game

noaddedsugar2973d ago

Are you serious? That's pretty harsh! At the very least the Xbox should throw out showers of confetti to celebrate. 20G doesn't quite cut it.

NeoKubrick2973d ago

You better be kidding me? I'm a whore for the gamerscore, and this leaves me...torn.

noaddedsugar2973d ago

A multiplayer mode is the only thing this game is missing. Not that it needs it, there's plenty there as it is.

thebeardedwordsmith2973d ago

This sounds like possibly the oddest and best reason so far to invest in XBLA. Definately indie gold.

jamesdilks2972d ago

Yep, this is great. So many big games try to push the hardware to the point of being a pain to play. Live Arcade games that are slickly produced are so much more satisfying for a quick play.