PSPgo: a price drop alone isn’t enough to save it

Play-mag: "The PSPgo has had its price dropped in the US and Japan. But is it too little, too late? What can be done to save the handheld?"

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MultiConsoleGamer2973d ago

This is going to shock a lot of people but in many ways the PSPgo is the best version of the PSP. I know the analog nub is not ideal for games like Monster Hunter. (Doin' the claw!) However, the fantastic D-Pad and button layout is perfect for 2D games, fighters, shooters, etc.

Also, its small size and easy portability are an obvious bonus. Battery life is a bit of a downer but that technology always improves over time.

The cradle, TV out function, and the ability to use a PS3 dual shock are the icing on the cake. There is amazing untapped potential in this device. I imagine Sony will use some of the best ideas found in the PSP Go when they make the PSP2.

Solid Wolf2973d ago

And all of ours and Sony's problem will be solved! XD

Close_Second2973d ago

I'd prefer they just release games for the PSP that exploit the controllers it does have.

I dont hear anyone bitching about the lack of any analog controllers on the DS, IPod range, or any other mobile device. Hell, even the 3DS only has one. Why don't people complain---because they release games made from the ground up to exploit the strengths of the device.

kneon2973d ago

That's the only thing that held me back. But I couldn't resist a $149.99 one day deal last week so I finally got one anyway. It should keep me busy until the PSP2 comes out next year.

bananlol2973d ago

Well the ds dont have the power to pull of fps kinda games, the 3 ds have a joystick and a touch schreen so that works. The i devices arent really considered gaming platforms and i know i wouldnt own a iphone if it came with joysticks.

kasasensei2973d ago

The 3004 is the best version. You have the choice. Download or physical. The price is better too, the handling too. The screen is bigger too.

PSP go is a fail. A correct price for it will be around 100€.

Close_Second2973d ago

...and prefer the Go. UMD is a dead format.

Tell me, if you have an IPod or IPhone will you care about not having physical media?

bananlol2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

The problem is that not all psp game are on the store, wtf is up with that?

Trroy2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Most of the good games ARE in the store, though.

Final Fantasy CC is about the only important one that's not. I'd blame S-E for that -- they should make it happen.

360nPS3rTheSAME2973d ago

the fact that you can't actually own the games you 'buy' for it is a deal breaker for me. Digital download is a ripoff cause you don't physically own the game, especially since the digital version is the same price if not more expensive than the hardcopy. Pspgo just plain sucks. Battery life sucks, it's sucks and there's a reason it failed and should fail. I don't know about you but I like owning the things I buy, so, if I buy a game and want to use it as a frisbee I can cause I own it and it's in my hands. Some may disagree but dlc and digital download will be the fall of gaming cause you get less(which you don't own) while still paying more money. When that happens people will bitch about it but are the same ones who thought it was a 'cool idea' and 'the way of the future'. Maybe kotick should be thanked because he plainly and vocally expresses the greed that the rest of the devs and pubs don't but would love to give you less for more. Pay attention. Don't ever fool yourself into thinking that devs and pubs want what's best for you at the cost of their earnings.

crillinFLIP3372973d ago

Ok so do you even play games? I'll agree digital downloads can be a rip off, but most of them add to the gameplay experience (and no one says you have to buy them anyway) The pspgo is a much better version as it is far more convenient than having to carry around lots of stupid UMDs and trying not to break their flimsy case. The only downside is that not all games are available to download. Maybe you should try using something before you make weak arguments.

360nPS3rTheSAME2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

dude stfu. I said something you don't agree with so that makes me a troll? I don't have to buy a pspgo to know that it only uses digital media and to know I don't like it. Do you buy every single game that comes out to see if you like it? That was very stupid what you said and shows how far a fanboy will go to justify being ripped off. Your opinion is not fact so simply saying the pspgo is better doesn't mean it is. You act like carrying umd cases is hard. Does it hurt your arm? You can buy a case to carry umds too. Fugging lazy new age gamers will ruin the industry because you want to be ripped off. I've never seen a genetation of gamers so full of idiots..........

crillinFLIP3372969d ago

I called you a troll not because you had a different opinion from me, but because your reasons are weak and scream of fanboy/ ignorance, "Pspgo just plain sucks. Battery life sucks, it's sucks and there's a reason it failed and should fail." While this may sound like sound logic in your mind, it doesn't exactly give much credibility to your argument. I am all for diversity in the gaming community and encourage people to be open minded and try new things.

As for your reply, no my opinions are not going to be the same as everyone else but the points I made were valid arguments for the pspgo and it's design choices. Is it a perfect system? Not by a long shot, but show me a system that is perfect. I don't have any trouble with arm strength (thanks for the concern btw) but being forced to carry UMDs ends up making me leave some games at home thus limiting the number of games I can play. You call it lazy, I call it convenient. Why should I have to choose between taking one game but not another? I'm not going to carry a backpack around with me just so I can play whatever game I want or incase a friend shows up who wants to play multiplayer with. That's just silly

360nPS3rTheSAME2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

honestly I would only pay 5 dollars for it. It's that bad to me. Pretty soon it'll get no support and become an expensive paperweight. I hope they learned to never try to shove digital distribution down our throats again

maniac762973d ago

no price is good enough when you cant get wot you can on umd. plus its so crampt,ive given up on psp in uk,the psn doesnt got anything good or as big a choice as other regions,will save for 3ds instead

TekoIie2973d ago Show
kenjix2973d ago

when did this happen?

Nicaragua2973d ago

Ive got one and i think its great.

If you want the option of disks and dont mind a bulkier unit then get the regular PSP.

If you want a smaller unit and like digital distribution then get a PSP Go.

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