Remedy “did not think it was going to take this long to get" Alan Wake "right"

VG247: Remedy MD Matias Myllyrinne has admitted to VG247 the studio might have shown off the thriller a bit too early.

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NYC_Gamer2775d ago

does anyone have the original trailer?the supposed open world vision

Nitrowolf22775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )
thats E3 05 trailer
didn't realize how bad the game looked back then, funny thing is everything looked amazing a few years ago. Alan Wake def looks way better then when they started (No surprise)

FrigidDARKNESS2775d ago

I totally agree the looks awesome better than any other game that's currently out. They did a helluva job kudos to Remedy.

Hades13372775d ago

The story changed a fair bit as well.

number472775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

i love how all the quotes except 1 were about visuals. Everyone likes to pretend this gen wasn't about gaming + visuals. but a look back in time shows it was.

InTheKnow2774d ago

Great game with great game play and graphics. Looking back at the original vids and concept art, Remedy definitely made the right decision in regards to story and the overall look of the game...

The game engine is one of the best this gen...

...and the game play didn't disappoint...

In regards to how long it took to took to long. There is nothing that can change that now and I hope it's released on PC and probably will be in the near future. As for AW 2...still hasn't been confirmed???

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Shaka2K62775d ago ShowReplies(1)
Karum2775d ago

That was a pretty sweet trailer, especially right at the end.

air12775d ago

alan wake was great! im sure it didnt sell like they wanted but i hope we get a sequel!

maniacmayhem2775d ago

Story was great but the action was way too repetitive. How many times did they conveniently drop you in the middle of the forest at night. Over and over again, way too boring.

allyc4t2775d ago

I agree. The story was good and the graphics were some of the best I have seen, but the gameplay was very repetitive.

cooperdnizzle2775d ago

That is weird that ya think that man.. I thought the graphics were some of the worst i have seen. Well, maybe not the worst but they were pretty bad for a game that took five years to make! lol

air12775d ago

what did you expect? to be dropped in space? "bright falls"

maybe some caves would have been nice. thats why i want a sequel..

RememberThe3572775d ago

I never noticed it but I remember that feeling of "this again". Overall the game is well made. But it doesn't feel like the game took that long to make. If you compare it to other games is feels rather unpolished.

Elven62774d ago

You've never been to the Western States/Provinces then I take it? Since that's what all the towns are surrounded by.

maniacmayhem2774d ago

You're missing my point.
The action was monotonous, run from point A to B, shine a light on an Ax guy, shoot then repeat.

BillOreilly2774d ago

Amen i lived in washington and they nailed the scenery and feel of the mountains and forests. the atmosphere was amazing. super detailed too. sequal please

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