The First Action RPG game for LittleBigPlanet 2

The game is Craft Earth Crusaders, is was created by a user of the Beta of LPB2 "gevurah22" and EPIC! stands to little for the level, it has gameplay mechanics that no other level created in the BETA. You have to see it to believe it, and for those users who have the BETA of LBP2 try it out it needs your attention ASAP!

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Cheeseknight282892d ago

*sigh* I really wish this was coming out in a month. But, if it makes it that much better, I can wait till January.

raztad2892d ago

Mind Blown.

More content like this (and less platforming) will get me buying this gem.

GiggMan2892d ago

Big Freaking Lizzard Boss FTW!

theonlylolking2892d ago

Why is the title RPG game? RPG stands for role playing game. So saying RPG game is like saying role playing game game.

Anyways this level is awesome. LBP2 FTW!

despair2892d ago

they meant action rpgs like diablo style gameplay, but yea its really not an rpg.