Fallout: New Vegas DLC Problems on PS3

The PlayStation 3 version of Fallout: New Vegas is apparently having problems with preorder DLC codes – they’re not working.

Obsidian's Fallout twitter issued a tweet stating:

For those trying to get the PS3 digital content codes to work, we’re working with Sony to resolve the issue. Should have an update soon.


The devs have tweeter they fixed the problem but some PS3 owners claim their codes still aren't working.

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Vip3r2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )


Way to go. I ordered mine from so I can get the shotgun. I better get it otherwise it's getting sent back. It's the principle I'm enforcing. Especially after the DLC fiasco.

Edit: They've fixed it now.

"PS3 digital bonus codes for New Vegas can now be redeemed".

Thank god.

Akagi2892d ago

So a minor DLC glitch is big enough of a problem, in your eyes, to warrant a refund?

erathaol2892d ago

Wonder what he does if his console freezes on him.


Vip3r2891d ago

Like I said, it's the principle that's a stake here.

40cal2892d ago

I have had this happen before with other pre order DLC. I called Sony and let them know that the servers where not up yet, they took care of it in about 30 mins.

DaBadGuy2892d ago

When PSpocaplypse happened earlier in the year, you started eating mice and boarded up your house didn't you?

Gambit072892d ago

Wasn't there another recent game where the pre-order codes weren't working?

AutoCad2892d ago

its should be fixed, but knowing how long PSN takes to update this sort of things idk.

BlackTar1872892d ago

2 months :)

im still waiting on the castle crashers Coop function to be fixed. Played it on xbox with no problems(was a late adopter) it just makes me mad that they have no comment on when i can play it on ps3

Anton Chigurh2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

I'm sure that a 200MB patch will fix this little problem. /s

BlackTar1872892d ago

not sure what i get maybe a costume or something but for a game i love these issues are starting to mount. Well i hop its not unplayable or ill just return my ps3 copy for 360 and call it a day.

BlackTar1872892d ago

i was an unlucky one who had a character who kept falling thru the ground. I couldn't get all the steel pieces because one also fell thru the map. Im just saying. Im a multi console player and i prefer trophies over achievements.

Anyways i haven't heard to much about 360 problems thats why i stated this.

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The story is too old to be commented.