Guardian: Fallout New Vegas Review

he question of whether New Vegas could convince those that so far haven't been keen on the series is a difficult one. The focus is very much still on immersion and exploration, and despite some concessions for action nuts, those looking for shallow shoot-em-up thrills and spills are still best catered for elsewhere.
For the rest of us, Fallout: New Vegas is simply every bit as good as you'd expect. Writing this review has been difficult simply because I've been itching to strap on my Pipboy, get back to the wasteland and do a bit more exploring – there's nothing quite like it. I think you'll feel the same.

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NickX2680d ago

In the old days a good game used to get nothing but good scores. But now a good game gets lots of bad scores as well as good. Reason is people want hits to their sites. Makes it hard to know just how good a game really is until you play it.

Perjoss2680d ago

and for anyone that is terrible with numbers this is the same as...

A+ / A+
100 / 100