1UP Reviews Blue Dragon: 6.5

Microsoft's Final Fantasy? Sorry, not even close. Slow down, folks. Let's adjust those expectations right here, right now: Blue Dragon is a decent roleplayer. But it's no "system seller." And sorry, but it can't hold Final Fantasy's jock. Not by a long shot.

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WilliamRLBaker4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

I for one hate final fantasy since the 7th one, so...Ill just have to play it for my self and see how it is. I'll certianly bet its better then final fantasy 7-10, and x2, and 11 and 12.

cloud: are you speaking english? First Off I hate final fantasy 7-10, final fnatasy 11, and final fantasy 12, as well as x-2 the games sucked.

by the way I own final fantasy 7-10, x-2, 11, 12, i've played and beaten them all.

I own an 360, ps3, an wii..and every major system for the past 20 years:) so thank you very much. but blue dragon will be better then all those games i've mentioned.

clouds 2nd reply: dude speak better english. I have no idea what your talking about.
oh and by the way...CUSTOMIZING weapons was around LONG Before FF10, Status affects like dark, silence...ect we're AROUND ALOT LONGER then final fantasy, you do know that most every thing that final fantasy has is stolen from D&D right? pretty much final fantasy 1 was D&D easy type with a japanese made storyline.

cloud3604134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

its funny how u sed last time u hate it till the 6th all of em after 6 r crap to u right.

if it wer on 360 itd be different right......

Blue Dragon isnt even close to FF. Maybe close to FF1 but thats all.

cloud3604134d ago

s*it i forgot if u hate FFX u wont like this game. coz Blue Dragon stole a lot from tht. Like customising your own weapons. and using items to add poison, dark, silence effect e.t.c

Evoluti0n4134d ago

'customising your own weapons. and using items to add poison, dark, silence effect e.t.c'

As far as I know, ALL RPG's, for the most part, use items to add effects like you stated. So, if you really want to get technical about it, you could say that ALL RPG's stole from FF1, or whatever the 1st RPG was.

So, before you come on here bad mouthing a game, because it's not on YOUR system, go do some research so you don't look like a total fanboy.

Oh, and sorry you can't reply to this, seeing as you only have 2 bubbles, and their used up. Ooops!

And you also spelled customising wrong, it's 'customizing.'

The Wood4134d ago

good to see that despite what a review says william will get it anyway which is strange since he loves to shove games scores down ps3 fans throats like we should just leave them on the shelves sometimes. I personally thought ff7 was the best like many others but each to their own

Evoluti0n, don't be son anal about the spelling of the word customise as its spelt that way in some parts of the world. Peeps in the uk spell color, colour and many english UK words like organisation have their 's's changed to 'z's in the US. (being anal also, i know)
english is not everybody's first language on this site which is pleasing.

I believe william thinks ign are one of the better gaming websites and trust their opinions but he trusts his own opinion more than ign's and thats how we should all be because we know what we like better than anybody else.

WilliamRLBaker4134d ago

I think the wood, that the reason I do that is because to cows, every game released on the ps3 is perfect, and must be AAA no matter what.

They hype games constantly, yet when a game scores low they deny it and say its conspiracy, Cows being the largest body of fanboys *since the user base for ps1, and ps2 is so big* deserve this I think, but then again I never make excuses for games that score low, I will get blue dragon, and I will get lair, and I will get warhawk no matter what i've said about such games.

Because unlike most people around here i am a true gamer, I enjoy a game for what it is, regardless of scores...ect

I only get on people because they hype soemthing, then I laugh in there faces when it doesn't come out to be what they hyped.

Maybe if fanboys stop being stupid, and saying its conspiracy that all these games on the ps3 score low then people wouldn't consider me a fanboy..but then again I could care less if people think im a fanboy, I spend only about half an hour to an hour on this site, the rest of the time I'm either working, playing games...ect

The Wood4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

your just more anti sonyfanboy than anti sony which is understandable but it goes both ways on n4g. not sure what came first (chicken or the egg) but for every nasim theres a mart and so on.

We all hype games but ill add that some games get hyped because they actually look good. an example is vampire reign on the 360 was so underhyped and thats because 360 guys just didn't believe it was gunna be that good which it seems it isn't where as bioshock got a ton of hype and rightfully so (stella). As gamers we learn to sense what games may turn out to be stella and this is why some games get hyped more than others. The game folklore is also a game that wasn't hyped much by sony fans AND its a 1st party game (not sure how well it will fair because it hasn't had an english review yet) so i think so it truly goes both ways.

WilliamRLBaker4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

for every nasim theres a mart? nah i view mart and nasim in the same league both are fanboys and fanboys but. As for the chicken before the egg...It was neither, It was the slime that came first...I.E acids and proteins combining for the first time to create the first microbes...ect evolution...ect

As for that I dont hype games, Oh I'll say im gonna love that game, But I never for the most part say every ones gonna love that game, Theres no way that game can't score under AAA, The last game i said was gonna be amazing beyond my self was halo 3, but thats just a fact, we've got all this past experience, halo 1, halo 2 both we're amazing to alot of people, both got great scores, and both sold multimillions.

and I'm not even talking about hyping games, because hyping games doesn't make you a fanboy, A fanboy is someone who hypes a game soley and exclusively for the fact its on an given system.

My current fav systems are the 360 and the Wii, the only reason I dont play the ps3 as much is because in reality and all fanbys can sit and say no, But there just aren't any games worthwhile for me on that system, The only thing remotely close to it is ninja gaiden sigma, and even then i've all ready played that game to death when it was on the xbox, and I downloaded the hurricane packs and took part in the master ninja tournaments (of which i never won any thing, lol some people on those games got 50X the scores i managed)

Too many people on this site feel I am a fanboy, regardless of the fact that if you look at my posting it only takes part when its a fanboy riot, When you have these articles putting down hd dvd, or 360, or saying this game will be great...ect based upon nothing, and you have all these fanboys making fanboyish statements, The only and simple reason it seems that my atks are aimed at sony fanboys is because SOny fanboys outnumber ninty, and microsoft fanboys, Based soley upon the fact that the sony user base is bigger, People like mart...ect have more then enough sony fanboys atking them, then for me to butt in and atk them for they're fanboy bias.

We could say I fight on the side of the lil guy, which right now happens to be the xbox fanboys, because they are geting the worse press as of late, and are sorely outnumbered.

But regardless of that i am long winded:) and who cares.

The Wood4134d ago

at least try resistance, you call yourself a gamer. i personally hate fps's on consoles. i prefer pc for fps's but resistance is the shout and i was pleasantly surprised. motorstorm is also kool since you love physics. Gamers try gamers buy.... to let the silly element of fans stop you from enjoying something you say you own makes you become part of the silly element. From what i remember prior to the ps3's launch there was a ton of bad press and i can honestly say if you were defending the 'smaller guy'at that time, i didn't see it. Your chicken egg bit killed me. thanks for the morning chuckles though

Evoluti0n4133d ago

I'll retract that spelling comment, but the rest remains so.

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Loudninja4134d ago

This is come from a hughe JRPG fan though :D

AllroundGamer4134d ago

i am also a JRPG fan, and i would even give it a 6/10...

DrPirate4134d ago

EGM is not biased to sony or x-box.

They hate all games equally.

Fanboy wars: Over!

SuicidalTendencies4134d ago

I fail to see how this was competing with Final Fantasy. There isn't even a Final Fantasy game out to compete with. I always thought of this game as a Chrono Trigger type game.

Bloodmask4134d ago

It looks more like Dragonquest. Almost just like Dragonquest actually. I would say that lost Odyssey is what is going after the FF crowd.

6.5 is a crappy score so this game is probably just average. My favorite genre is RPG though so I am still interested.

It is very strange though bc Famitsu gave this game a 9.7. Perhaps bc it is more Japanese oriented??

WilliamRLBaker4134d ago sux. *egm is a good magazine* but has all ways sucked, which is why gamespot and ign kills 1up in user numbers.

Famitsu is a good magazine too, they've all ways been accurate with their scores.

Ri0tSquad4134d ago

I like the demo alot and the last RPG game i played was Final Fantasy X

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