Exclusive Two Worlds Interview with devs, possible PS3 version

Xboxexclusive had the chance to talk with James Seaman, Managing Director at Topware Interactive, and now Xboxexclusive present to you this exclusive Two Worlds interview in which it is revealed that, a possible PS3 version might follow soon:

"a majority of the team has their PhD 's and about half of them are double PhD's – so we're literally working with "rocket scientists" when you think about it. To be honest, we've been more concerned about making the PC and 360 versions the best they can be, but there's always a possibility!"

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Loudninja4078d ago

Its been confirmed already to come to the PS3

AznSniper4078d ago

Then I guess it comes out next year then cause GameStop has the PS3 version listed.

Sexius Maximus4078d ago

But according to MOST (not all) of the flaming PS3 fanboys on this site, they hate western RPG styles...that's why they own a PS3, for the JRPG's. So this game should be nothing to brag about if you own a PS3 anyway.

power of Green 4078d ago

WoW Sony fans get all this info from that?!. Who post this?. I went to the site first before reading the contributor edit. I'm going to cancel my approval and report this.

Dlacy13g4078d ago

I hope for Sony fans they fix all the bugs they have in the PC/360 versions. This game has MAJOR frame rate issues. You can see the game stuttering from the menu screen.....which is NEVER a good sign.

The game has huge potential....they just should have gotten the game locked at 30fps ...but alas that is not the case.

Oh well. Here is to hoping they patch soon!

Dlacy13g4078d ago

this game took on a ton of things and does things that Oblivion doesn't such as coop mulitplayer and pvp multiplayer both of which are saving graces for this game. I loved Oblivion....but Oblivion as do most RPG's these days was missing a key element all RPG's should have in my opinion...and that is Coop play. Just makes an RPG infinitely more fun when you can play with others.

This was a good first try for the developer but I think they just tried to take on too much for such a small studio.

razer4078d ago

Because it's not even out yet.. I hope you aren't comparing some buggy PC version and telling everyone the Xbox version is the same. PC's have a million times more potential for problems then the console version.. Just look at Bioshock..

Dlacy13g4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

360 version came out yesterday here in the US. So yes, I have played the 360 version. I was just reading up in some forums that the "clear cache" seems to help out a ton on the 360 frame rate issue. I am going to try that shortly so I cant comment on that.

I really do like this game btw..but I have to be fair..the framerate issue is not a small random was a constant issue when I was playing and really hurts what could be a very wonderful game.

razer4078d ago

I did not realize that, thanks for clarifying. For some reason I thought it was not due out till next week.

I'm still debating on picking it up but if what you say is true I might have to give it a pass. It is unacceptable for a $60 game on a next gen system to have the problems you are describing.

ImTheNumber124077d ago

Hey would you want to play the online rpg portion with me tomorrow? I don't know anyone personally that owns the game and would like to test it out a little bit. I had a fun time with playing the sp for a few hours tonight and I know the game does have a lot of promise. The game won't win any awards for the plot or the dialogue. If they could just iron out a couple of things(the framerate is a serious issue for me).

xboxlj4077d ago

It did not come out yesterday. It's not being released till sometime in Sept.

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Rhezin4078d ago

sucks anyway ps3 fans would like it.

Mucudadada4078d ago

This is one of the games I was envious that it was not coming to the PS3. Sometimes things just work out! I know it's not confirmed, but "possible" is "Yes, we are working on it" in the game industry.

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